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    My name is Matt, and I am a gamer for life. I am a wandering bohemian, a multimedia wizard. I have seen and done many things. These days I am happily raising a family of my own.
  1. I have noticed that Happy Action Theater no longer pushes calorie data through to the Playfit app. Playfit will add calories after I've played a session of Kinect Party.. The weird thing is that Kinect Party is not listed in the games that Playfit is compatible with, but HAT is. Has anyone else noticed this, or has my Xbox fallen into the bizarro dimension?
  2. Hey guys, I've really enjoyed reading Tim's input on juicing and sharing his experiences with us over time. But he did say that this was for sharing juice recipes and experiences, or having questions for Tim. There are currently three or so pages with walls of text with people arguing. Let's keep it cool. We're here for Tim!
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