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  1. Asking for a refund is not disrespectful, neither is being disappointed in the game Double Fine has made. I know the developers, writers, artists, etc worked hard and they are all very nice people. None of this is meant as a personal insult. However I do not accept a company that tricks me into giving it my money by promising an "old-school adventure" (quote from the kickstarter page, material like the DOTT screenshot or phrases like "classic", etc. is also intentionally suggestive of that) and then delivering an iPad game because that's more profitable. This is of course also a reason for this feeling of being cheated. Double Fine themselves promoted this image of being lovable, passionate "gaming nerds", in contrast to the "faceless, greedy big corporations", to gain the trust -and money- of retro-gaming idiots like me, only to deliver a kind of game that I would have expected from Activision Blizzard and the like, including mass-appeal and spyware.
  2. I am baffled by the notion that a company should not be obliged to give refunds because of the possibility that it might "run out of money" if every dissatisfied customer demands one. That's all kinds of wrong. It is their fault to have aimed their kickstarter project at an audience with certain expectations, advertised it as such and then consciously delivered a product that can not meet those expectations. It's a borderline case of false advertising, some might argue that quality is subjective, that DF did deliver -a- product and therefore fulfilled all obligations towards their customers but I, and obviously some others disagree. Personally I do not want a refund but Double Fine will certainly never see another cent from me. It's a shame that this prestigious kickstarter project turned out this way.
  3. I absolutely agree with these complaints about the product, but I feel the need to add to this thread that my personal response was a lot more negative (and irrational). This isn't constructive criticism but seeing the positive reaction from most mainstream gaming websites I want you to know this, coming from an old fan of LucasArts and other Point and Click adventure games. While I played and finished your game "Broken Age" I did not have fun at any moment, it was only disappointment. It almost felt like betrayal. "a classic point-and-click adventure" was the advertising description. This is not what Broken Age is. There is nothing "classic" about the limiting one-button controls, the lack of interactive objects in the scenery, the extremely low difficulty of the puzzles and therefore the short length of the game. The visuals of the game are suberb, no doubt, but such a bland and shallow gameplay experience was simply not what I imagined when this game was kickstarted.
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