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    Oh, hullo. Didn't see you come in. Welcome to my little slice of the DFAF. My name is Shannon and I am a human. Enjoy me.
  1. i really liked what they did with the outfits actually, considering how entirely pointless they were in 3. I was like "whoa im actually usin them for things now". I think there was a little too much need for the archer costume and not enough need for the others, but they're all still pretty nice to have and even the worst one is worlds better than any of the honor among thieves ones. I only really thought bob and galleth fell short as far as ancestors go, rioichi was pretty cool and salim having a paraglider-esque situation was really nice. Tennessee was awesome as aforementioned, his was the only level i felt the need to just go back and run around in because it was so fun to play. plus i really liked the additions to bentleys hacking system and the arcade and table tennis and all the new things to find and collect i though it added a decent amount of variety personally
  2. this thread is over a month old but whateverrrr this game man id been waiting for this for 8 years ok i thought it was really good its got a different tone than the first 3 but im glad they didn't try to copycat sucker punch and just sorta went their own way with it and i thought there were a lot less tailing and sneaking missions than they had in 2 2 was like follow ppl city but they added a lot of really cool things to this one i thought it turned out pretty awesome except for like the last level but thats whatever
  3. i saw the oz james franco movie it was really bad but it made me really want to check out the books so theres that i guess while were talking about oscar movies i thought brave was really good and its great we've got this big popular demographic-crossing movie about female relationships and it was a gorgeous-looking movie but the story just fell really short. It wasnt a bad movie at all but i cant help thinking it only won the oscar because it was pixar. Wreck-it ralph was v good but not quite as good as paranorman which i reallyreallyreally wish won it wouldve been so good for laika ugh but oh well. havent seen frankenweenie but i saw the original short?? idk im sure its cute and stuff but i cant imagine it topping paranorman that movie was hella bomb i just basically wish paranorman won but we all knew brave was gonna bc pixar thats pretty much my entire opinion on the oscar movies
  4. six minutes and THIRTY SECONDS i gotta replan my day around timeframes like that it was v cute
  5. aw shucks ill pop in more if ppl keep saying things like that to me
  6. just saw this the other day i rlly liked ittt but i cant help but feel like i'd have enjoyed it more if i hadn't already seen the whole thing in gifs on tumblr basically saw it online so there was no paperman beforehand but it didn't really look very interesting to me anyway i may check it out at somepoint i guess
  7. oh man hey everyone acefox reminded me this place existed so i figured id pop in real quick whats up whats hip whats happenin im going to disneyland in a week and im v pumped about it so thats whats going on with me basically
  8. im really bad at following general 'lose weight' or 'draw more' goals, so im trying to set more specific guidelines for myself -i wanna have like 20 complete drawings done a month (if i can get on top of that, hopefully i can bump it up to 30 by july) - figuredrawing at least 4 times a month -use watercolors, acrylics, pastel, pencil, and computer drawing at least twice each a month -jog at least every weekday (even if its cold or i dont feel like it) -start eating like a normal person a little bit (not just junkfood all day) -hopefully get down to 105ish i need to get a job and start taking classes again,hopefully i can at least get some babysitting gigs or something thats basically it i guess it could use a little work on the 'specific' part but theres time
  9. zeemans has always been my favorite av on the forum never change it ever
  10. oh my golly christmas weeks been suuuper busy for me so i haven't had a lot of downtime to work on ur drawing, DS, but i should have time to work on it this weekend and i plan on using all monday to draw anyway so probably by monday at least it'll be up but whenever i say when a drawing should be done by it always takes 80 more years so im not gonna say but maybe by monday?? but yeah by all means nag me i take no offense i can be a total flake sometimes so if u feel like i need to be nagged then u go for it definitely i encourage it even
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