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  1. My few suggestions for future AFs as a 3 time contributor, and someone who really loves seeing the team's process at work... 1. No one from the video production company on a development team! Happy to see "The Gods Must be Hungry" happen, but can't help thinking how things might have been different had one of your key team members been able to contribute on the video production side. 2. Do more to set expectations. If you guys feel a daily episode is too much to keep the quality level up, then don't do daily episodes! Decide early and communicate early and often, even if it's, "We're going to do dailies, but each one will be out 2-3 days past," or, "We've decided to film the entire two weeks, and we'll turn it into episodes in a way that makes sense based on what we've captured, and it will be released several weeks past the actual AF week." Bottom line for me... I thought we were going to be watching every day, and that didn't happen. I'm not going to contribute next time unless the release plan is clear from the start. 3. Definitely drop the livestream if it gets in the way of the episodes. Totally agree on the series being more important. 4. More on the DoubleFine side and less on the 2PP side...I get the idea of wanting to invite other crews into this cool, creative week...but it makes the whole thing feel more disorganized from the outside. I like it being a "DoubleFine event". If other companies want to do their own Fortnight, more power to 'em and the more the merrier...in their own event. If they do cool and interesting stuff, I think a lot of AF fans would be happy to support them.
  2. Exactly...I don't want to be negative, but this is the least engaged I've felt in all 3 of the AFs because of the production delays. Like Franklyn said, the bundle is for getting the higher quality version after the fact. Those of us who just want to follow along kind of expected to see each video within a day or two at most. We're going into Wednesday, and last Friday isn't even up yet? Just kind of a bummer. Overall I'm still enjoying the process and watching the different projects take shape. *shrug* Just less so.
  3. Ahh apparently I was following the wrong or fake account. Anyhoo...maybe a link off the Double Fine account too?
  4. This. I've followed AF the last two rounds and got acclimated to watching the videos each night, ritualistically. I went looking on Twitter, random forum and Reddit searches, looking for any news I could find wondering what was going on with it being Saturday and no episodes for Thursday or Friday. At the very least I'd put a tweet out on the Double Fine account or something to make it easier to find, even if it's just a link back to this post. Anyhoo...looking forward to seeing more!
  5. Yeah I think it was the AF2012 Postmortem video, or something along those lines? I'm hoping they do one for 2014 too. I really miss seeing the AF2014 "show" every night, it was a great way to wind down the day seeing something more creative.
  6. I was checking out my Steam downloads tab and saw a Best Buds download of 240ish MB from around 1:30am. It didn't show the day, so I couldn't tell if it was old or if something new was released?
  7. Massive potential for a Big Leg and Big Leg Cat crossover!
  8. ..and the first thing I thought of when I saw this? "GAH you little pink bastards!" http://i.imgur.com/14H765U.jpg
  9. I've been getting the stabby stabby bits after the fire and haven't been able to do anything else, so I'm just going to screw around with it more later. It's a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be, and I'd love to the chat system fully worked out. I almost think the whole pointing bit could be simplified down to just being a pink guy selector so that your speech is directed at them. Otherwise it feels a little pointless right now. But the core is there! I want to play more of all four of the games, which is just great.
  10. This method is working fine for me. The launcher not so much, and I think I hit a bug with the key too. I'll give it another run-thru tomorrow. You guys really need to get your hands on that newer Occulus Rift prototype and try it out again.
  11. Yeah having the same issue with LPBB. Humble says I've redeemed my key, but it doesn't show up anywhere - not in the list of all games, and not when searching. Off to check out the others though!
  12. I really, really hope you guys are able to share the initial sales figures with us early next week. It's bugging me for some irrational reason that we don't get to watch a counter of how many copies have sold... We wish you guys loads of success - rest up, and then get to work on Act 2!!! *whipcrack*
  13. It's OK, doccolinni, you gave me a good chuckle. I'm in agreement with the Internet/YouTube celebs thing. Get Felicia Day to play it. Make sure Wheaton is out there spreading the news. Did Elijah tweet about it yet? Ask Dodger if she'd be willing to do a playthru YouTube posting. Do some Facebook, Twitter, Google+ preformatted, easily shared posts. You guys are good at funny. Do some weird, hilarious shit that people will want to share.
  14. No major bugs, and no crashes! I just wanted to say it looks and sounds great guys, congrats on getting it out there. I'm really enjoying it so far, and it just feels like icing on top of an already awesome tasting cake after watching this all develop. The only non-gamer/wife feedback I can add is that my wife has never really played a point and click adventure, and I invited her to come check out the game from the beginning. She was a little confused and a little disappointed that there was no opening movie, cut scene, or general story sequence to pull you in before having to choose Shay or Vella. I wouldn't have even noticed had she not mentioned it, but I thought it was an interesting comment from someone who's never played this kind of game. Thinking back on it, there was almost ALWAYS a cool starting sequence to pull you into the story before you had to start making decisions. Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle in particular are permanently burned into my memory from the start. Otherwise things are looking really great overall, I think if you can get one more polish pass on it before the Steam public release hits you're in for a lot of good feedback.
  15. Same! Minor issue but my wife caught it too and it confused her (she's mostly a non-gamer these days and never had experience with text adventures, so she didn't know if it was on purpose or what)
  16. If you look at the composition of some of the scenes, it does give a pseudo depth of field kind of look - the subject is more detailed and looks in focus while the background is lower res so it naturally blends into the background more. Or...I'm completely wrong. If you want it to not be SO zoomed you can also try using the horizontal and vertical letterboxing options. Playing it vertical makes everything a bit tighter and would look sharper I'd think. But I'd rather have it take up all of my screen personally.
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