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  1. Well... on the kickstarter site it does say that the game is inspired by Game of Thrones
  2. 3,794 backers $143,125 pledged of $725,000 goal 28 days to go So... the first goal is 400k in 9 hours right? Backed!
  3. Dune! I'm not sure this exactly qualifies as an adventure game... but it certainly has adventure game elements in it, unlike it's much more popular sequal, which is a pure strategy game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dune_(video_game)
  4. Just raised my pledge a little, it will be very close indeed! With 4496 backers on the lowest tier I would say there is still some room for growth there too! *hopes* grtz, Adrian
  5. Haven't you played Day of the Tentacle? It's pretty much what you're describing. Exactly what I was thinking. But DOTT had a lot of good themes (time travel, historic people, future, aliens/tentacles, mad professor, shrink ray, IRS, retro gaming), so it's hard to think of original stuff not touched by DOTT (or other previous adventures). Every time I saw a MC Escher room/world suggested I could only think of Laverne saying: "Am I upstairs?"
  6. I was gonna suggest both a Murphy's Law world and the opposite - An Internet Forum Oooh, I didn't think of having both worlds in one game! Would you be able to bring objects from the one world to the other without causing a world shattering paradox? Or would, for example, a opposite murphy's law hammer aways hit the nail right on the head in the murphy's law world if you could get it there? Or would murphy's nail just bend or break if you did manage to get it hit? Grtz, Adrian
  7. Real world places: Astana (http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-astana-khazakhstan/) Phi Phi Islands (http://www.ppisland.com/images/p_activities47b.jpg) CERNs LHC Imaginary places: Inside someones head (like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herman's_Head) Anti-Murphy's world, where anything that can go right, will go right! (Or some other permutation)
  8. Ah! Thanks for that I am not a writer either and I was just wondering if I was the only one how recognises his own creative/design proces in Tim's posts and his description of the start of the whole proces as a bunch of floating coloured blobs waiting to land (or not) on the final product. Apparantly not! Best part for me is that this proces also describes what I enjoy about playing adventure games. From the first 'draft' where you're just roaming around discovering stuff and putting everything you find in your inventory, through the second and third 'drafts' where you can get stuck and a friend can unstick you and things are becoming clearer as to what you have to do, to actually solving the puzzles and finishing the game in the last 'draft'. At which point it becomes clear why you stuck that useless thing in your inventory in the first place, sometimes for no reason So... reversely... is creating an adventure game like an adventure game itself? Hope I don't get you freewriting guys into an infinite loop with this comment! Double fine adventure indeed! Grtz
  9. Pro's: - Streams from an IP in Frankfurt, which is one of the closest (and largest) internet exchanges around here (9 hops, ~30ms latency) - Excellent 0.5x and 2.0x speed settings (not sure if I want to be able to see Tim in slo-mo, but still excellent option) - Skipping in time works smoothly - Changing quality works smoothly Con's: - No fullscreen? Oddness: - Pause button had an extra vertical stripe right of de pause putton itself - Was this film dubbed? If not, terrible lipsync If so, how's the lipsync? (watched in IE9 with 60mbit cable internet)
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