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  1. I'm ok if you will post it somewere. I thought of it as a bonus, anyway. It's not something to be covered from others. Although i doubt that it will help the purpose much. There are a lot of jelous people among those who criticise you. You can try to fight that - it's our right - but i think it'll rather help the purpose to prevent misinformed in falling under "trolls" influence. I've recently re watched the "Broken Age" trailer - and i want to add that "Broken Age" is an ART. It's out of the computer game boundaries. Its something more. And regardless of what several ungrateful, evil guys say - their words will not represent nor opinion of true admirers nor the value of the product made. If you'll show those videos - it'll be a good addition to the words of fans and devaluation of the trolls - though they'll always find a way to twist your very words. Cheers!
  2. Double Fine you're my heroes! Hi from Russia! Tim Schafer - you're my God. And you got a sidekick St. Peter McConnell. Since your LEC days you're my idols Keep up the good work. Long lives to you(that was kinda selfish). Anyway - the genre is back. Thanks to you. Backers did their part of course - but the initial idea to back adventure game development! Genius! Congratulations with successiful launch! May you make a big amount of cash. An make more mooore moooooore!!!
  3. Hey there! Big Fan of Tim Shaffer since Full Throttle days. Big Fan of Double Fine since Pcychonauts days. Backer. You guys never stop to amaze me here. So when Broken Age been offered as a KickStarter project - and i knew about it - thanks to my friend/ or was it your web site? Nevermind. What i remember is that i did not hesitate much And now - i see that you just did what you do - as allways - is in the bestest way possible to expect. So this project is almost afloat! Gratz! Are you planning to make more adventure games? Preparing my wallet here...
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