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  1. Wow... GOOD point. Really hope you can capture the double fine essence with the art and interaction on this... because that would make a game like this 100x better! As for it being in development for forever if it builds up steam... that wouldn't be so bad, as long as you keep the team small
  2. The fact that you saw this issue: "Side view I’m less psyched about, just because it seems to compress a simulationally-critical / visual axis and makes characters blend together into crowds" makes me all the more confident in what this game is going to be That said, I would still like to argue for the side view. The scale of something like sim tower WOULDN'T work, so I completely agree with you on that point. However, I was expecting this to be a space station with a relatively small crew/citizen count. Something along the lines of dwarf fortress's early game. IF that is the case, and you won't have a space station with 40+ crew, then I still think a "Sim Ant" scale and perspective offers the most potential for it being "simply fun to watch". I am tempted to draw you a mockup, but as I said up front, I am confident that what ever you make (even if it doesn't use the side perspective) will be amazing
  3. On the topic of monster to building scale, I think you should look to Rampage, seeing as you want the monster to be able to pick up people and eat them, and a vast majority of the enemies are going to be people and not massive mecha or supers... The smaller scale (imo) gives far more room for experimentation with destruction... being able to push over buildings onto a group of tanks on the other side... or picking up a food cart to throw at that helicopter that just won't leave you alone. I'd also love to see scale being variable depending on the monster you choose to play as. Play as a giant gorilla who is 8 stories tall, pushing over buildings, and throwing cars... or a fire breathing chameleon who's only 2 stories tall, but can climb, breath fire, and use stealth to get in behind the enemy and surprise them. Man I love this game idea!
  4. This is an insanely ambitious project, and I really hope you can pull it off! A few questions though: 1) what perspective will the visuals be displayed to the user? flat top down 2d where you can see the world at different depths, or something more diagram like - side view where you are shifting focus to different "sections" of the station? - can you guess what I think is a better idea 2) how will station expansion be handled? Are we going to be dealing with a pre-fab structure that we fill out, or a single (or few) modules that can be added onto? and if the latter, will each module be a functional building type, or just space to assign meaning to? 3) how much control/influence will we be able to have on the different people aboard our station? Will we be able to say no to different citizens before they join? Eject the unwanted into space? Change their profession to torture them with tasks they hate/fear? As I said up front, I think this is an insanely ambitious project... but I LOVE it, and want it to succeed!
  5. What sort of scale with the game be played at? Are we going to be taller then all of the buildings (Godzilla), or somewhere in the middle (Rampage games). Basically, what I want to know is, will we be able to climb buildings and punch windows to grab office workers for a snack?
  6. What devices are you supporting? I just have a 2nd gen iTouch (and a Kindle Fire)... any chance I'll be able to play?
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