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  1. whoever keeps stretching the page by posting giant images, please stop.
  2. Rayman Origins' animation looks cheap as well. The backgrounds are lovely, but they cheaped out on the animation and it looks like a flash cartoon. I agree, the traditional animation in the first Rayman game looked much better.
  3. All movies are displayed in 24 fps. They look smooth. Just because you think 60 FPS is absolutely necessary in action games that's more about reaction time and a point and click adventure game doesn't need that. No video on YouTube, fo example, is over 30FPS. Does all video look choppy to you? And besides, skeletal animation for games inbetweens automatically so it'll look smooth even if it's rendered in 60fps or higher. Nevertheless I'm kind of disappointed by this, tweened animation usually doesn't look very good in 2D.
  4. Do you have some kind of a grudge against Premiere? Whenever someone says "Have you considered Premiere or Avid?" you only answer about Avid and if someone asks about Premiere you just ignore it.
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