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  1. Hey Layla, Yes, we already have our localization partner lined up for this project and we are getting ready to translate the first big chunk of the script very soon! (But thanks for your offer!) It's nice to hear that our text files are organized well from a translator's point of view. Since dialog is such an important part of our games, I worked hard to design a pipeline that would make it easy for all text & voice assets to get into the game as quickly and easily as possible. We use one script for everyone -- animators, gameplay programmers, voice actors, and translators -- so that everyone knows the context of each line. And once we have all the pieces, everything comes together rather quickly! I must have translated hundreds of games but I'll never forget how pleasantly surprised I was when I got to play the localised version of the one I did for you guys. In fact, I think I'll use those text files I still have as a template for future projects (if you don't mind). Keep up the brilliant work! (Next project by Tim, please please please send it to me )
  2. Great episode! Attending recording sessions is one of the perks when you work with dialog: it's always so exciting. Also, translating Tim's writing has to be one of the highlights of anyone working in localization. Chris Remo and Malena, I guess you've already organised the localization and it'll be done by an agency, otherwise I'd love to get involved (I've already done some work for you in the past and loved it! (your text files are sooooo well organised!!! )).
  3. Mm, am I too late to offer a title? Here it goes then: Saving ME Cos they both take matters into their own hands and save themselves from a cruel destiny. IF however they end up saving each other I'd say "Save me" is a lovely title, it's ambigous cos the girl can say it to the boy as much as the boy can say it to the girl. So: Saving ME or Save ME
  4. We used to have the option to view/download the videos before they added episode 11. Why oh why we don't anymore? Is such a HUGE pain to download them. Please enable the streaming for all videos, not just the latest one. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I just got a hard crash. I'll try to be as thorough as possible, see if I remember my time as tester. Platform: PSN Downloaded with a free code from SEGA. Characters: Hillbilly - Scientist - Knight Description: After finishing the carnival the game crashes when exiting the level. Hard crash. I had to restart the system. I used the Scientist to light up the bales and waited a bit to exit the level. I exited with the Knight and the Scientist then the game crashed when I exited with the Hillbilly (last character and therefore the game presumably when into "saving..."). All I could hear was the screams of the people in the carnival, which was a bit distressing. I would sue the hell out of you Double Fine for the distress caused but we don't do that in Europe so don't worry. I have not tried to reproduce it cos I started eating sunflower seeds and they're really moreish and I can't stop right now.
  6. SEGA will interview Mr. Gilbert and you can write down your questions in the comments section. NICE. http://blogs.sega.com/2012/09/21/ron-gilbert-answers-your-questions-on-the-cave/ I have a question, an idea rather than a question. I think SEGA and Double Fine should continue to release an episode with the story of a single character every 3 months as DLC. Say 2.99£/$. Ron Gilbert, you said that you had thought about 30 characters for this game. Us fans would have our fix of puzzles, SEGA a nice steady income (who wouldn't want that?) and Double Fine a sort of franchise that suits them perfectly. What would your question be? Don't forget to write it in the SEGA blog.
  7. WHAT'S GOING ON??? Ron Gilbert posted on twitter about THE HILLBILLYS AND THE SCIENTIST meeting and now is the monk and the Scientist? Aaanyway, I know this isn't DFA and ideas are not accepted, but am I the only one thinking that they should have all the characters dancing one by one around a campfire whilst the lovely scientist (it HAS to be the scientist) plays the banjo during The Cave's end credits or post credits? Write a funny song and a funny dance (lots of stomping) and it'll be epic!!!
  8. A cave... A HUNTED MANSION. Many ghosts in every floor. There are so many dead people in the same house for some ridiculous reason. Each ghost has a story. You have to find the ultimate ghost boss or something. Mmm... wait. It's about a boy and a girl, isn't it? Mmm... maybe... just freewriting here now... bear with me... mmm... yeah, it could work, boy and girl, the only two humans in the hunted mansion looking for something. I like this idea. It has to rain a lot. Thunderghosts! Oh boy. I can already read the press release in my mind: "Double fine adventure named: THUNDERGHOSTS!"
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