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  1. The thing about Portuguese is absolutely true and im glad some studios knows this. Being from Portugal i can say that we indeed prefer for it to be in english than Brazilian.
  2. I don't know if it's asking too much but i,and i think other backers would like to know how well Broken Age is doing now that it's gone public. A weekly or monthly update with sales numbers would be nice,i know i'd be happy to know if the game is doing well.
  3. It's finally time to try it! Thanks Double Fine for all youre hard work, hope the game sells really well when realeased to the public.
  4. I think people keep forgeting they went into tot his without doing any game desgin or pre-planing so that we the backers could se all the processe,thats why they could not have made a budget for broken age until tim was done with the design. I'm sure that massive calice will not be like that.
  5. I think at this point it may be better to realease it in parts or episodes like a the games that TellTale makes seemed to work great for walking dead. It seems like getting bad press will be inevitable at this,at least if the parts realeased are of great quality it will sell and you may earn new fans that will await the next parts. At least this way its better then having to cut a lot of stuff from the game.
  6. I picked none of the above also,but i feel bad becuse the best i could come up was 'divided offspring' wich sounds kinda wierd I think it would be cool if the name sounded like something studio ghibli would name one of theyre movies,becuse some the art looked similiar to the style they use.
  7. I could also help with Portuguese subtitles but Portuguese from Portugal not Brazil. But since i'm kinda busy with other stuff i would only help if its really necessary so if needed Pm me
  8. O is my favourite of all of them but most of them are pretty good. I really like that she may be a Miyazaki like hero.
  9. I really like Peter Chan‘s illustration of a forest or jungle lit up by countless fireflies,the overweight ones made me laugh
  10. worked fine for me tried hd and sd both seemed good and fast
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