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  1. oh noes! dubble fin is gunna to steal ur interwebs! Seriously though, a lot of games use Analytics for Quality Assurance, It won't be sending any private information and is simply so they can see how well it runs on different machines. Nothing to worry about. /edit: okay, so it is not just system info. But still, QA is important. I for one welcome our Double Fine overlords.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, it is such a brilliant game made better for the fact that I got the watch the development Here's to Act II *toast*
  3. They have lifted the Embargo, but they still don't want people to give out too many spoilers (understandably), particularly with the ending.
  4. I've just had a thought. If the creatures we were saving in shay's story line were the maidens, why was it so hard to get to Prima Doom? Did the ship know that it was where Mog Chothra would be defeated by Vella?
  5. So first, in Vella's story you have a ceremonial knife which you need to find. Also in Vella's story, there is a shoe maker, who loses a knife. And in Shay's story, there is a very chatty knife that just wants to be free. Overall theme of Broken Age: All Knifes want to be out of the possession of humans.
  6. have you tried using your items together?
  7. I think you need to get to the root of the problem
  8. which egg don't you have? As you can get them in any order.
  9. There seem to be two types of people playing this game: 1. Completionists: People who play an PaC adventure for brain workout, and although they care about the quality of the story, they mostly care about the quality of the puzzles, and the amount of said puzzles. This leads to them being a bit disappointed if it doesn't take them long to rush through the puzzles 2. Explorers: People who will take their time completing the game, as they must experience everything that the game has to offer, they will often take longer on puzzles and get stuck a bit more, but won't complain about the puzzles as long as the story and characters has them gripped right till the end.
  10. Took about 5 hours to complete, but I loved every minute of it! And dat ending! Holy Mog, I didn't see that coming. I loved the music, the art, the voice acting (particularly vella's). All in all, a brilliant piece of work, can't wait for Act 2 now.
  11. 30 mins, is that all? I have been here for hours
  12. Sounds like as in Wrath of Kahn you need to think in 3 dimensions... doh! that was so simple. Thanks for the hint, just what I needed.
  13. I'm pretty sure I have been everywhere, interacted with everything and talked to everyone. The only thing I am perhaps missing is the hatchery, as I can't work out how to get up there. I have the shoes on the ladder and everything, but Vella still can't reach it.
  14. I can't get past Gus, all I have in my inventory is fruit, which I have used on everything. I have already collected the other 2 golden eggs.
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