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  1. In Shay's world, when I use an item in the world and Shay just says a "that doesn't work" line, the inventory closes. And if I press the keyboard shortcut for inventory, the sound of the inventory opening can be heard, but the inventory stays closed. Should work like: in Vella's world, where I can open the inventory again while she is still talking My system: Windows 7 I wrote a little more about this here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12133/#317881
  2. When I walk from the "Jerk Bird" screen to the screen with the shoe maker's daughter, and then, without walking anywhere, go back again to the previous screen, Vella will walk for about half a second towards the camera, first then the screen will change to the Jerk Bird screen again. Recreate: This happens only when single-clicking. Double-clicking is instant as it should be. What should happen: She should not walk towards the young girl, but the opposite direction (or the screen change should be instant, like when double-clicking)
  3. This would be a good idea. I was expecting to be able to use the arrow keys & enter to select dialogue, but wasn't
  4. This isn't the exact same issue, but I would like the inventory to stay open if I use an item on something in the world that he/she didn't want to use. So I can try something else without having to open the inventory again. Anybody else? It's easier to close the inventory when you're done, than to have to open it for every item you want to drag. There's a bug also connected to this, but I'm gonna post a new thread about that. edit: here http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12197/
  5. I would hope that the UI has settings/options/preferences for these sort of things. 'P' is a good key to pause and go to a menu, I think. I'm also used to the F keys from ScummVM
  6. Seconding this. I'm really interested in the whole voice acting process, and there's not as much stuff out there of video game voice acting as there is for cartoons or anime dubbing. I think they're all equally important. Spoilers! Other than the two main characters (who we still don't know what their names are, right?) and what we found out from the trailer and the review guy they showed the preview to, we don't know what characters are gonna show up. So all the actors in the documentary will play Bleep or Redacted, and I really don't want to hear any jokes or key dialog before playing the game.
  7. I just think "Broken Age" sounds like you're borrowing from the Myst series. What do you have to say for yourselves?
  8. You should let us rank the 4 options from best to worst. I voted for the divide, but if that doesn't get chosen, I also like Small Offerings and Worlds Apart. (without apostrophe between World and s.) I don't like Broken Age at all.
  9. I love (P). the feather in her hair is great. Does she really have to prove that she's a girl by having a dress or skirt? Why not try to punch through some conformist barriers and instead take a note from Joss Whedon?
  10. I feel like if anyone could make this into an awesome adventure game, it would be doublefine. What say you? 4qCbiCxBd2M Some might say that RTS games already have their "fog of war" kind of exploration, but what if loud objects were heard first, and other objects had to be felt to "see" what they are? It could be scary if the game designer wanted it to be, or cool and cute like this film.
  11. For those who can't see, currently results are: Ubuntu 24, Mint 3, Debian 2, Suse 0, Fedora 4. I use ubuntu. I definitely agree there should've been an "other" option though.
  12. I like serious stuff with funny undertones, as well as funny stuff with serious undertones. If grim fandango is anything to go on, I don't think I have to worry too much. Don't get me wrong, the monkey games are good too, but what we've seen of REDS so far, playing as two characters in different worlds, it's not going to be a game made out of 100% comedy like DOTT and the monkeys. And I think that's great.
  13. There aren't enough options. Having seen ep.3 of the documentary, I think a realistic date would be somewhere in february/march. Is that what you mean with "spring"? I dunno about you, but march is definitely still winter where I live. Anyway, if an alpha version is done by the end of november, beta testing could start early 2013, which would make my prediction not that unlikely, I think.
  14. Now I know what DFA stands for. Dialog trees For Abstainers or Dialog-Filled Apricots edit: I'm glad you got away from the cartoony and into more artsy style. The lumberjack fits into his forest surroundings much better. But I'm surprised that the short kitchen scene with the cartoony fireplace and wood-planks still looks very flat. I was half expecting for spongebob to jump out any second. I think you probably didn't have time to change that before you wanted to post this video, so don't be mad. I understand. I loved the lighting in the control room, and the rumbling camera! After reading your whole post, I had to go back again to look for that fog, and I didn't see any! It seems a bit unnecessary if you don't even notice it. But I have to say that the light rays really do add depth to the scene, as well as the flying dust and leaves. The dynamic music was great, why didn't you write about that? Who created it? I want to know! And I would've chosen "You're such a giving tree..."
  15. Why is this in the private backers forum? Anyway, my tips are: Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula (a humorous game that clearly is a parody of monkey island games) Morningstar Heatherdale All of them from Red Herring Labs.
  16. Places I've never gone to but always wanted to visit: The island of Tasmania, Australia Hobbiton A coral reef Places I'm so afraid of that I know I'll never actually see in my life: Hanging under a bridge in a bungy (I'm not going to write my fears here, in fear of that you'll put it in the game!) Nobody wants to be Moist! Though on the dance floor I glide, on stairs I'm petrified, that's how Harry Wismer died... Places I can’t go to because it’s physically impossible: Right next to the literally uncrossable edge at the end of the world. Inside any electronics device would be frickin cool. I want to see artwork of that! "Hackers" style? (not really)
  17. Excactly. I've always disliked the nanowrimo name, it should be InNoWriNo because it is, and was never not international! I've participated in (and failed) nanowrimo twice btw. Stream-of-consciousness writing is beautiful and awesome, but lots and lots of work.
  18. While I of course love Peter McConnell (and I want to mention Jack Wall (Myst III & IV, Mass Effect series)), the best music I've ever heard in a game is from Machinarium, by Tomas Dvorak.
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