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  1. Go outside Curtis's house, and click on the ladder above the house. Vella will walk through the door and stand behind it, without opening it and without transitioning inside.
  2. I was moving from the control room where Merrick stays, out the exit that leads back to Shay's room. The game crashed as soon as Shay got to the doorway. This was during the section of the game where you are first given free exploration of the ship to solve the three puzzles. I had just finished solving two puzzles (shields and navigation). The game was running for more than an hour before the crash. Abbreviated crash log is pasted below. (sorry!) Process: BrokenAge [2248] Path: /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/*/BrokenAge.app/Contents/MacOS/BrokenAge Identifier: com.doublefine.dfaosx Version: 1.0.0 (1.0.0) Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [167] Responsible: BrokenAge [2248] User ID: 503 Date/Time: 2014-01-15 23:52:50.972 -0800 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) Report Version: 11 Anonymous UUID: 1B50A95E-DC7C-F1D7-017C-0A8594C9C0A1 Crashed Thread: 13 Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000018 VM Regions Near 0x18: --> __PAGEZERO 0000000000000000-0000000000001000 [ 4K] ---/--- SM=NUL /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/*/BrokenAge.app/Contents/MacOS/BrokenAge __TEXT 0000000000001000-0000000000415000 [ 4176K] r-x/rwx SM=COW /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/*/BrokenAge.app/Contents/MacOS/BrokenAge Thread 0:: MainThrd Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread 0 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x9a8446aa __open_nocancel + 10 1 libsystem_c.dylib 0x91df9a12 fopen$UNIX2003 + 98 2 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x003cb65b ZLZipStream::Open(ZLZipArchive*, char const*) + 63 3 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x003c8b3d ZLFile::Open(char const*, char const*) + 169 4 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x003cc2d2 zl_fopen + 52 5 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x0039ae92 luaL_loadfile + 114 6 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x0039be84 luaB_dofile + 68 7 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x003a2a1e luaD_precall + 542 8 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x003b7edc luaV_execute + 2076 9 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x003a317d resume + 125 10 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x003a254b luaD_rawrunprotected + 59 11 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x003a3051 lua_resume + 241 12 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x00212a19 MOAICoroutine::OnUpdate(float) + 119 13 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x00141b39 MOAIAction::Update(float, unsigned int, bool) + 201 14 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x00141c6c MOAIAction::Update(float, unsigned int, bool) + 508 15 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x001b78f4 MOAIActionMgr::Update(float) + 88 16 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x0018bff7 MOAISim::StepSim(double, unsigned int) + 143 17 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x0018c320 MOAISim::Update() + 698 18 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x00140444 AKUUpdate() + 40 19 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x00003fd0 gameLoop() + 256 20 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x000038a5 eventLoop() + 293 21 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x00004b52 GameHost(int, char**) + 1202 22 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x00005ac0 main + 64 23 com.doublefine.dfaosx 0x00002065 start + 53 Thread 1:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.libdispatch-manager 0 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x9a845992 kevent64 + 10 1 libdispatch.dylib 0x9315b8bd _dispatch_mgr_invoke + 238 2 libdispatch.dylib 0x9315b556 _dispatch_mgr_thread + 52 (SNIP)
  3. There is also encrypted data in the press release. Not pasting it here since it screws up the forum page formatting.
  4. If you resize the window text editor window so the two identical messages are side by side (make sure your text editor uses a fixed width font) you can cross your eyes so the two identical messages overlap. Some of the words are inset in the resulting 3D image. The inset words are the secret message.
  5. On Mac, open a Terminal window and use cd to go to the folder where you want to extract the files to, then type "unzip " (note the space), drag the zip file into the terminal window, and hit return. It will show an error but extract the contents anyway.
  6. The MP3 metadata contains the comment: "passwords read like incantations when spoken in all capital letters" The genre is "aes-256-cbc" The text file, when the width is adjusted, contains a cross-view hidden message: "The embedded application is enciphered with the incantation presented by the first observed glyphs" This seems to strongly hint that one of the files is an AES-encrypted executable.
  7. "Monster's Cradle" is the best one that actually parallels with both sides of the story, at least from what little I know about the story.
  8. I deleted my Paypal account because of evil, but I can still receive email at the address I used. Will that cause problems at all?
  9. Here's something you might add to the episode notes: The quote by Miyamoto (21:55) is "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever."
  10. Heads up, there are actually two sketches with the letter N by them.
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