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  1. I think the difficulty of Act 1 was just fine. I just expect Act 2 to be more difficult so we get a good increasing difficulty curve through the complete game.
  2. True! Bad example. But I hope I made my point clear.
  3. I like the lack of intro. I think it's always better if you can narrate your story through the very interactivity of the game. Games like the Half-Life series took this principle to the extreme and worked pretty well.
  4. Didn't find this reported, it may be my particular hardware. See attached screenshot. It didn't happen all the times, i.e. between times the monster catches Vella it may or may not happen. Most visible when Vella is close to the right side of the screen. My DxDiag i7-2600, Radeon HD 6970 2GB, 8GB RAM, Win7 SP1 64bit
  5. Another example, screenshot attached. I walked over that position and the screen was almost finished scrolling (but still scrolling, IIRC) at that moment. Subtitles are in Spanish. i7-2600, Radeon HD 6970 2GB, 8GB RAM, Win7 SP1 64bit
  6. I have this same issue, while dragging an item from the inventory (that's what you meant, right?) i7-2600, Radeon HD 6970 2GB, 8GB RAM, Win7 SP1 64bit
  7. In a dialog with Marek, the last option says "¿Cuánto tiempo lleváis viviendo aquí?", but it should be singular: "¿Cuánto tiempo llevas viviendo aquí?"
  8. ¡Hi! Loving the game so far I was surprised the text on the maidens' dresses are localized. Well done! I almost feel bad for pointing this out: "¡Délicia!" (or looks like that) should be "¡Delicia!" (whithout the accent) "A tu disposicion" should be "A tu disposición" (with an acute) Now this is a nitpicky one. When you try to give the corset to the monster, Vella says: "Creo que al mog Chothra le gustan más las chicas «sin ataduras»." This seems to be a misinterpretation of the expression "let-all-out kind of guy". In the English version, Vella points at the obvious fact that the monster is huge and has no use for a corset. In the Spanish version, Vella makes an observation about the monster's taste for girls, which doesn't make much sense. I would change it to something like "Creo que el mog Chothra prefiere ir «sin ataduras»." or "Creo que al mog Chothra no le gusta vestir muy ceñido." (I think the second one is more approximate to the original meaning). That's it for now. Now back to playing!
  9. A city where all buildings are gothic and church-like A school of roleplaying A humble alien world invaded by evil humans The Nautilus A steampunk spaceship A monkfish beauty pageant A gross, dirty and polluting candy factory World War I
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