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  1. Maybe the game will not be what I expected, but I just love the documentary, it's amazing! You guys ROCKS!
  2. The name 'Reds' has nothing to do with the game or story (probably). It's more suitable as a name for a wine
  3. Geeez, I am disappointed with this game so far. First the Bagel's style artwork which I didn't like from the start, then this boring growing up teenagers themed story (I want ADVENTURE! not some emo drama) and now the title. Well at least the documentary was worth backing. Sorry, I had to say that, hopefully the game will be great but I have a bad feeling about it.
  4. After watching the episodes I am also a little worried. I really don't want it to be a game like Machinarium. So please make a lot of witty dialogues in old school LucasArts way.
  5. Maybe it's not a 'real animation', but I really like the evolution of character design. It's definetly less creepy and more cartooney, which is good direction. Good job there!
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