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    Sheffield, UK
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    QA Engineer, Sumo Digital
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    Graduate game designer, working for Sumo Digital in the "Steal City" of Sheffield. I like games quite a bit. I prefer to play games with a bit of imagination and some degree of thought gone into it's design. That pretty much makes Double Fine stand out to me.
  1. Please, please, please for all that is good and fun in this world have the tagline be: "Get Smashed!"
  2. Hi all, like EMarley above I'm also from Blighty. I have worked in the UK games industry in various roles. For this I'll be mainly working on art, possibly animation and some deisgn if required but it comes down to how much free time I'll have to spare and how much i'd can contribute. You can catch me on most places under the username foofly.
  3. I'm in. Art assets mostly, maybe some animation. Depends on work / time difference as I'm in the UK.
  4. Bill from the UK. Professional 3D boy, technical artist, illustrator etc... I know my way around engines, scripting, pipelines, QA. Glad to help in any way!
  5. Hey guys, I'm not really a forum kinda guy but watching the feed I was struck with an idea that might work for the game. Perhaps docking ships that have specialists on board, such as medical or scientific staff. These ships will also come with specialist equipment. Perhaps these can then stay docked and become in themselves a permanent specialist building. This then brings with it it's own challenges and rewards. Such as how to keep these running and attaching them to your current infrastructure.
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