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  1. Yep, you've about summed it up. I don't need a full on gameplay video yet - I'd completely understand if they's not far enough along, but hopefully there's some news forthcoming in the next couple of days.
  2. I must've missed that interview then. I was just looking at the actual Fig page. So let me rephrase that - I know what the goal is - make Psychonauts 2. I just don't know what the plan is - what actually is Psychonauts 2? What did they like and want to emphasise? What did they dislike and want to change? A Psychonauts 2 that focuses on the combat system could be very different to one that focuses on platforming. Perhaps the goal is to focus on character reactivity, collectables, or psi powers. Or maybe they just want to take all those systems and update them based on what they learned the first time? The pitch page doesn't tell me any of that stuff. I know what I liked about Psychonauts, and I'm free to assume all sorts of stuff based on what the original was like, but I'm not the one making it. What matters is what Double Fine wants to do with it.
  3. I guess before I back I have to ask what the actual pitch is, because I can't tell from the Kickstarter Fig page. We know it's going to be a sequel to Psychonauts, feature 4 of the same characters (Sasha, Milla, Raz and Lily), and will be a 3D platformer with psychic powers that uses Psychonauts HQ as its hub. We also know the psychonauts aren't as competent as they like to think, but we established that in the first game. So what will this game be? Does Raz have a specific goal? Is it something as personal as last time or just going on missions? Will we have to collect the same psychic powers as last time? Will there be new ones? Will there be new items and systems now that we're no longer in the camp? What's the minimum spec that DF wants to deliver that would be enough to call it "Psychonauts 2". What are you asking me to back? Because don't get me wrong, I love Psychonauts, and I've backed DF's projects so far, but I don't know enough about the project to know whether I should back it or just wait until it's out.
  4. My Steward is something like 250 right now, and at 212 she managed to have a child with a 26 year old as part of an event. I don't know what was in that Murch's No. 9, but it's rendered her immortal so far. I hope she never dies - she's awesome and she's been terrorizing my trainees for almost 200 years.
  5. This game is exactly what I wanted it to be so far. I don't know how you got it done on a $1 million budget (despite watching all the teamstreams), but I'm all the more impressed because of it.
  6. I like this explanation a lot. It reminds me of Serenity which was all about how the establishment that controls everything (Fox) and has no place for the Firefly crew can be beaten by Mr Universe (Universal Studios, and to a greater extent the fans). The whole message about "you can't stop the signal" seemed to speak to that interpretation very strongly.
  7. I actually hate this. Both that explanation, but also the entire twist. Because it's not a twist - the game was just lying to us for the entire first half. Which maybe would be OK if the game wanted to make a point about not just accepting the way things had always been, and doing things differently in the second half, but there was never a suggestion that that was the goal. I can't even begin to list the number of things in the first half that don't make sense unless Shay's parents were computers. There's no reason or way that we could have guessed that they weren't, because both they, he, and the entire setting behaved as if they were. Double Fine have done the "main character is largely making up/misinterpreting his parents' apparently abusive behaviour" twist before in Psychonauts, but that was an important moment of emotional development for both of them. It was also in a game entirely about seeing how people's worldviews and psychological issues affect their perceptions and behaviour. That wasn't one of the major themes here. I guess it just feels weirdly disrespectful of the players' time investment when all the clues and plot threads you thought would pay off in the second half are revealed to have been red herrings, and the actual explanation is totally different. I don't think DF intentionally did that - I know how much time and effort they put into the game. I just get the feeling their response to the critcism of the first half being easy and/or obvious was to go "Oh yeah? Well if you're so smart then why didn't you guess this?" Sorry, I mean in the game. The situations in the game require you to do nonsense actions. You're listing the sensible alternatives here. What I'm saying is part 2 runs on moon logic, and I feel like it's OK to ask why it's more important for that to be the case than for the characters' actions and personalities to make sense. I don't think it's impossible to do a comedy adventure game where at least the main characters are rational actors, especially considering the conceit of this game is that the two protagonists are the only sensible ones in their messed up worlds.
  8. You realise the situations you're listing all require you to do things that would never usually be valid, logical solutions to those scenarios? It's fine to get me to solve something in an unconventional way, so long as the clues point in that direction and the writing adequately explains why the straightforward option is not in fact on the table. I'm just saying this didn't appear to be the case. In any case, I don't really want to get hung up on this one thing.
  9. Huh. I replayed the first half before doing part 2, but I guess I skipped over that detail. EDIT: Wait, why didn't Shay just eat the frosting off his own cupcake? I didn't try using it on him, but he could just scrape it off if he didn't want more sugar.
  10. I just finished this game and I don't know what I thought of it. I loved the visuals and the characters and the subtle animation touches. The character writing and humour was enjoyable and I liked spending time in the world. But the plot after the first one left me with so many questions. It feels like there could be another act's worth of content to fill in exactly what the villains were doing, why it required such an arbitrary setup to perform, and how it tied into the overarching themes of growing up. I feel like we were left with a lot of answers, but few real explanations. How did the idea of eugenicists stealing genes for heroism and courage from teenage girls relate to Shay or Vella's coming of age themes? Why was Shay calling his dad "pops" when he thought his dad was a computer until now? Since when did he want a closer relationship with his parents, whom he saw as his jailers his whole life? If Vella's grandma was a turncoat, why did that never come up outside the one conversation? I was confused from a design standpoint too. The first game never required you to telepathically know information from the other character's areas, so I spent huge amounts of time running around wondering if I'd missed anything even after realising that was a possibility. It was never indicated when or where I might need telepathic hints. I only stumbled across it by basically giving up in frustration. I didn't even understand why I was doing anything in the final puzzle. Then I won? So yeah, I don't know how to feel about that. I don't think I achieved victory through being clever, I'm not even sure what I achieved was victory. Surely the coming of age story isn't over until both characters have grown up, right? I'm not sure either did. Even though I was left with so many questions I didn't hate it. I'd play another act if there was one, I guess I just felt like the story was going somewhere else after the first game.
  11. I feel like the kind of people who really love a genre and want to see more of it are also the kind of people who have a very specific idea of what they want from it. That's fine, and I've been that person more than once, but from time to time it can just turn into perceiving anything that's not part of that very specific idea as an attack on the concept as a whole. Often that's directed toward other very passionate people with equally specific ideas of what a thing should be, which is a shame, particularly when the passionate people to whom those attitudes are directed to are the creators of the game. I've been working in the industry for almost a year now and I've had to be that target answering those charges quite a few times. All I can say is that when you're as invested in the product as someone making it has to be, you're a lot more critical than people think, and it's always because you want the best for the project. It definitely hurts to be criticized for doing something you strongly believe is in the best interests of not only the game but the entire company, even if you totally understand where the criticism is coming from. In any case, I'm continuing to enjoy the documentary a lot, and I honestly feel like it's worth more to me than the game itself. The game is charming and fun and beautiful, but I've been following the documentaries (and the MASSIVE CHALICE teamstreams) for a long time now, and they're significant part of what convinced me I had to get into the industry myself. I've now started my second week of my first design job and and I can't imagine I'd have fought as hard for it if the world of game development was as opaque as it used to be.
  12. Just have it be an achievement which you can't get unless you manually enable it by hacking the game. You could technically get all the other achievements by hacking the game like that but for this game would that really matter?
  13. Good idea about the data crystals. I had a hard enough time telling the similar coloured ones apart, but an actually colourblind person would just get completely stuck without different shapes.
  14. Thanks! And so it was. That's irritating. I've replaced it with something that ahould reverse properly.
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