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  1. I think people are getting whipped up in the frenzy that release date change has caused. If we all had a choice between a compromised smaller cut version of Tims vision so that it can meet the original schedule OR the full game that Tim and his team had envisioned I think we all know which one we would choose. Obviously we all want the real full game with no short cuts and compromises. Look at Monkey Island 3, the 1st half was amazing, than that last half or 3rd of the game was awful, you can tell they ran out of time and they cut a whole bunch of stuff out, it just ended so quickly. Nobody wants that to happen to this game.
  2. Unless I've got my information wrong, Grim Fandangos budget was 3 million, which really surprises me considering they can't manage to finish a game like this on the budget they have. With my lack of game making knowledge and ignorance I almost expect both acts to be on a scale of Grim Fandango now with that 6 million budget they are aiming for, but what do I know. (Maybe Grims 3 Million budget was just for production excluding marketing) I do think Tim AND the producer screwed up by not aiming for a more modest sized game so that they could finish it within the 3 million dollar budget they were fortunate to get. Surely with their experience you would think they would have the words REALISTIC SCHEDULE WITH BUDGET stapled to their foreheads like most professional creatives do when in production on a project. BUT the man (Tim) does have some awesome fuc#ing cred, he is an artist. I think we should all let him make his baby, I'm sure it will be amazing and I cant wait to play this thing, its going to be special! : D And if its not, he will definitely get the next one right ; )
  3. As much as I dislike the animation style used in this game, I got to compliment Tim.S on the story concept , the story does sound brilliant. Unless im reading too much into it, sounds like a metaphor for the western world (boys world) and the 3rd world (girls world) & she is stuck in a place with stupid religious rituals and superstitions and the spoilt boy lives in a world or crazy technology where we have phones that can now sense our eye movements, yet both characters feel empty.  Should have called it Broken worlds or Split Worlds, not broken age, get the ''age'' bit out of there. Sounds too soppy, like a educational short film for kids on puberty or something.
  4. I totally agree with you man. The reason i loved the old 2d adventure games was because unlike 3d games, it had that human touch, and human expression , rather then computerised tweens. To be confident that the skeleton wireframe animation is going to look great, to me is like a singer saying '' im not going to sing live, im going to lip-sync, but dont worry, im a really really really amazing lip-syncer and there will be lots of lighting effects to make it look better.''
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. Old SCUMM games used very few animation frames and I can tell you from my experience working on the Monkey Island Special Editions that a animation with 5 frames-per-second on a high-res background definitely doesn't look great. This means we would need quite a lot of frames to get results that look great. Even though we would like to go this way we will most likely not have the bandwidth nor the memory to make this work. Like i said before .. i know nothing about making games, so i hope im not sounding stupid here. But i remember how beautiful the drawn animation in monkey island 3 was, (not to mention the great cutscenes) and that was made 15 years ago, i also played it on my ipad recently and it worked and looked fine! And would happily wait longer for the game if it meant getting inbetweens done on the characters movements. (im assuming monkey island 3 was 12 frames a sec) The rigged skeleton look OR paper cut out look (however its called) worked well on the new monkey island special edition games because it was being satirical on the old retro point and click style movement. And it also worked O.K on Machinarium game because it was for robot characters. But i just thought it would look very flat on this game. I mean i just cant imagine what the characters in day of the tentacle would look like if they were skeleton rigged, it would be a different game. But maybe i should hold my breath, you guys know what your doing, and are doing an amazing job.
  6. If you´re going to react like that to early concepts, then yeah, you better get out now, because this will not be the last of your dissapointments. You do realize that want he provided here are early concepts, before the animators have started doing their work? Considering that Oliver provided a lengthy explanation as to why it isn´t suitable, you might want to expand on your own arguments if you want to convince other about this opinion. Just a suggestion. Normally i would never be so harsh in my comments, the artists that make this stuff would be under lots of pressure and would really take negative comments to heart i can imagine and they are doing an amazing job. But im just really surprised that they are using the 'flat cut out' look instead of the beautiful drawn animation technique that everybody loves from those older games, obviously they are using that technique for reasons that i know nothing about (because i dont know anything about making games) but i am a 2d animator so i know quite a bit about that, and a little too passionate about it sometimes. But in my opinion the puppet style animation is very soulless compared the 2d drawn animation method. The difference for me is like day and night. You can convey much more humor in the 2d drawn style and its far more dynamic. Sorry for offering my opinion.
  7. I hate to be a downer but the puppet cut out animation method looks terrible. The ‘flipbook’ frame by frame character animation that they had in the old lucasarts games was what I frickin LOVED about those games!! It’s a real blow to hear that, that technique will not be used in this game. My enthusiasm for this game has kind of been killed now. Although I know nothing about the technical memory side of it, I can tell you that it doesn’t take long to do traditional animation for the characters, all you need is a skilled 2d animator that is fast. It doesn’t even have to be on ‘ones’ (animation geeky technical talk) the movement could easily work on ‘twos’ or ‘threes ‘ It doesnt matter what lighting or curve effects you do on that puppet/cut out animation, it will always look crap compared to drawn 2d animation.
  8. -on the sun -inside a picasso painting or van gough world -inside pandoras box -inside the internet -life inside a weird cult like scientology -a world where familiar characters from the game are all transformed into animals representing their personalities, e.g a gluten character is now a pig,
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