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  1. This is how you flush all your goodwill down the toilet in one fell stroke. Now, I've watched the Double Fine Adventure documentary episodes, and this is perhaps a case of over reaching (feeding the beast) which ended up with probably some pretty harsh economic realities behind this decision to pull the plug (sorry, sorry, I mean, finalize the game... after an alpha...), but there has been brewing doubt around both Kickstarter and Early Access lately, and now the pioneer, the poster child, the fan darling, does this? I think I have to revise my first statement: This is how you flush the entire new indie gaming development scene down the toilet...
  2. Did something change overnight? Because I'm in shellmound and suddenly the zoomed in background have a sort of noisy diffusion blur that looks much better than the stuff in the cloud village!
  3. Missed that dialogue too. It wasn't visually obvious that you could climb down the tree in the middle, but I'd already fallen through other holes in other locations so that was more obvious. (I'm down from the clouds and actually haven't run into him at all yet, so it was confusing to hear him talked about so much and then never meet him, except when falling past him.)
  4. A gaussian blur filter would improve all of these reported cases, regardless of texture resolution, wouldn't it? Or, as someone mentioned, a more stylistic blur filter that emulates brush strokes, like in Skyward Sword on the Wii.
  5. I placed the three golden eggs in the bowls and got on the ladder... then, when I got back control of my character, I immediately went up the ladder again to see if it was possible, and after I saw that it was, I went back down... and got a CTD.
  6. Maidens Feast Help?

    Well, I've talked to everyone, and it's just me now. The bird is just right next to me, but damn thing is that before the bird appeared, the girl said that she could cut herself out of the dress if just the bird was there... but now the bird IS there but she still says the same thing. I only have the knife and a corset, and I've clicked everything on everything. I bet there some combination I missed (must be), but I have no clue as to which one it is. The options here in the beginning seem really limited... EDIT: Ok, nevermind. Corset on bird. The limited options was the clue, I guess, but THAT WAS NOT LOGICAL AT ALL!
  7. Using Fraps, I've measured the game to seemingly hold a steady 40 fps. (This is a weird value though, since the majority of people have 60hz monitors.) But even if Fraps reports above 30, when the camera pans large objects, it doesn't feel smooth at all. I hope this can be improved! My specs are: i5-2500k, 8gb ram, nVidia GTX 780 3gb.
  8. Just saw this on Steam, but boy... it looks rough. I'm sorry, but I see none of the charm of the characters from Red's adventure, none of the charm from Startopia (still the king of the genre), not even any of the charm from Theme Hospital or Dungeon Keeper. I mean, I love this genre so I want in, but I just have to know: All character art and animation is placeholder... right? ...please?