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  1. Just noticed that if you restart the game (going back to the main menu, not Windows) and then start a new game, the second time around there is no freezes, and the panning animation is smooth...
  2. Minor aesthetic bugs The first scene where you choose the character freezes for second after loading. Cursor comes to screen, and you can first move it a bit, but then everything freezes for few seconds before you can move your cursor again. Also the camera move after choosing the character stutters in the beginning. After that everyhing works and animates very smooth. Somekind of loading/buffering issue maybe? Running on: Windows 7 - 64bit i7 4770k 3.50 GHz 16 gb GeForce GTX 770 DirectCU II OC, 2GB 2xSSD drive latest nVidia drivers (332.21)
  3. game starts in window mode

    Same here, only the first start. 1920x1080 Windows 7 64bit.