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  1. Dear oh dear Act two for me was terrible... Constant backtracking (desperately needs a Monkey Island map to navigate to locals more quickly. No deepening or extension of the characters that made you care for them in any way (or any of the people)... Puzzles struck me as tired. They were tougher this time... but only in that sigh really way and not wow that was so clever way you always hope for in a good adventure game. I think the other factor was that almost everything was a retread in the locals and people you are interacting with so it all felt incredibly tiresome. It all adds up to an adventure game where in act two I was literally having no fun playing it. Still one thing I will say is the art work, voice acting was phenomenal throughout... If only the puzzles, story and character development was up to the same level as the beauty of the game. In summary as a work of art it is wonderful if shallow experience... as a fun adventure game particularly in act two I found it sorely lacking.
  2. It occurred to me that Day of the Tentacle SE is probably running in the reds engine, which leads to this port making a lot of sense. Hey, just to clear this up because I've seen this in a few threads: Day of the Tentacle will not be remade in the Reds engine. That would occasion a full re-implementation of the game (it's a SCUMM game and Reds is a Lua engine) and would not be the best approach here. We would look over all the assets for the game and try to come up with a tech solution that works best with what's there and what we'd like to see improved. Makes perfect sense... So Double Fine are doing a remastered Day of the Tentacle game? This is genuine news to me and so awesome. Especially with Double Fine doing it as you guys have a genuine love and care for the product as opposed to making a quick buck .. and so will properly remaster it.
  3. Yeah the docs are top notch... captures perfectly the drama of making games and getting to know the Double Fine people. It works as well... With Grim Fandango Remastered, I was going to wait until it hit a sale, as the original box sits on my shelf and I have it playable through an emulator.... but then I think of the documentary and all those Double Fine mouths to feed (in expensive San Francisco no less) and I bought it as soon as it came out.
  4. nice episode.... Just bought Grim Fandango Remastered today so I am happy now in the world of adventures for a bit. Watching the making of vids it looks like a perfect update... especially love that you have done recorded commentary of the game as well.
  5. Actually Drisk, you're the one who made the comment I found most offensive, claiming that just because I said something in an interview doesn't mean it's what I felt in my heart. I take that to mean you're calling me a liar, which I'd say is a personal attack on my character. Everyone I work with here at Double Fine speaks from their heart more than most anyone I've ever met. We care about the work we do deeply and put a huge amount of effort into everything we do. You can see how it would be discouraging to have that questioned. Sorry Greg that wasn't my intention. I wasn't saying that you personally was lying, but in general terms that you cant always take everything said as complete verbatim evidence that it is truth.. peoples viewpoints and opinions change over time, that is all I meant. Anyway I apologise if I caused offence through my clumsy use of language.
  6. I am sorry but I am also getting sick of other forums members decrying any opinion that actually questions something in the game on this forum... I really don't like people devaluing genuine comments people have by saying .. oh they are just a small vocal minority, just haters... because firstly a large percentage of critic reviews and user reviews have raised those same concerns ..and what I see is people constructively debating and raising valid questions as any healthy discussion forum should be... Lets just recap the thread... CecilRousso - raised a question of why did Greg mention about simplicity, when the whole episode was how satisfied they were with the more complex puzzles. ThenTaumel, simply asked the question does Greg like adventure games? I think that is a perfectly valid question, he wasn't personally attacking Greg. He was simply saying is Greg interested in that style of game as he seemed to have a contradictory opinion to Tim and the others. Then derOesi asked does it matter if he didn't like them? After all would a manager of a Tampon factory need to like Tampons.. of which ?I pointed out that was a bad analogy as this isn't just a factory or just a device but a work of art, like a car and so I felt it would be very important. I also said that I didn't personally feel Greg disliked adventure games but believed that he may be pushing for simplicity because complexity equals more effort and Gregs role I believe is to ensure the project gets delivered and ultimately makes a profit. Suejaks comment was actually "With all due love/respect for Greg, due chiefly to his hill giant strength and beard-hair combo, he is quite obviously a Force Of Evil in this process, pushing the game toward simpler puzzles and noninteractive “art” over what Tim actually does well. The entire documentary can be viewed as this interesting push-and-pull between Tim’s genuine adventure roots and Greg’s dollar-sign hipster reformism. I mean this only 40% hyperbolically." That isn't an attack, that is at best a tongue and cheek response to what is probably a battle that has been battled since the dawn of time.. that is there is always has to be someone managing the purse strings against the artist trying to create his vision. Both are equally vital, both are essential to a project reaching a successful completion. Then I countered that I didnt feel Greg was the cause but again reiterated that it was probably the price to pay for the wonderful animation, art and voicing talent.. As complexity exponentially raise the costs of the game. To me all of that is HEALTHY debate... It's a discussion... I am sorry if Greg or others see that as a personal attack..but to me it isn't , just people debating, questioning. The worst thing that could happen is having a forum like Hitlers bunker, with everyone saying everything is marvellous and wonderful everything is, all the while with the walls crumbling around its ears.
  7. Hi everyone.. just came across this.. someone has posted ever episode of GamesMaster TV show to download.. how cool is that... So many memories... http://www.bookofthedead.ws/gamesmaster_forums/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=61 For those a little younger than me... then you might also like this link to every episode of Bad Influence! http://www.bad-influence.co.uk/ ... Great way to reminisce about the early 90's gaming and also wonder why video game shows don't seem to exist these days? Enjoy :-)
  8. As mentioned in my previous posts I didn't personally think that yourself Greg didn't like adventure games, but that I could understand why people were questioning on this post, when there has been a number instances, particularly at the end of this video where you seem to be pushing again for simplicity of the games puzzles, which seems counter to what most people seem to be saying. I agree that puzzle aha moments are what is one of the central pillars to making a great adventure game, but would say that personally the 'artificial blocker' goes hand in hand with that 'aha' moment, after all a puzzle with no challenge or where the answer is given automatically then that eureka moment is lost. I get what you mean that some new to adventure games or those out of touch with adventure games need that more gentle slope, I just wish a difficulty setting had been set to cater for those who like puzzles and the challenge, or have more experience with the adventure game. As to constructive criticisms, I think in the main on this forum a far majority have remained constructive, but have had very reasonable concerns about certain core elements of act one. As for it getting old, well I personally think discussing what makes a good game in a genre should never get old as one can learn and improve a game. As to getting old and belabouring the criticism, then yes I agree the same criticisms do keep repeating themselves, but that is in large part to Double Fine not truly addressing those criticisms and instead downplaying those concerns as 'a handful of haters'. The Metacritic score on 82 is a very good score I agree.. I myself gave it 90 out of 100 on my own review on there, because I do genuinely believe Double Fine created a brilliant game. But equally one should be mindful that of the 69 users who actually gave a text review to the game, 11 were negative and 22 of those reviews criticised the puzzles simplicity within that review (and all in the context of puzzles being too easy). So that is 48% felt that the games simplicity was a criticism worth mentioning. Don't get me wrong, Double Fine has created a beautiful game, and definitely one to be proud of, but one with flaws that I am hopeful to be addressed in act two.
  9. That was a very good list of critique on the game, and I totally agree with every point made, particuarly the look verb being missing, as that really took away the depth and back story that most adventure games offer.
  10. I agree there are different views of what makes an adventure game.. some focus on only story (walking dead) some on puzzles like old lucas arts adventures are on great dialogue and puzzles. However I do see how many would naturally assume when you see Tim and Ron on Kickstarter campaign, with Tims previous Lucas Arts games in the background, whilst saying about doing adventure game like you used to remember... that it is a natural leap by many to anticipate a game in the same mold and focus of those old Lucas Arts games. Did DF release a good game, then yes, flawed but good... Did they release a Lucas Art style adventure that we all remember? Then I would have to say no. Therefore I do understand why people aren`t happy as the promise and what was actually delivered don't match up.
  11. KestrelPi I have seen your many responses on this forum over the years, and many responses on these forums and many of them have been deriding others who have not been happy with act one and wish to give their legitimate opinion. I didn't mean to personally attack you as you call it but highlight to you that you need to at least accept and appreciate their are many legitimate views on the game... all are valid (including your own) and worthwhile and should be listened to. Actually I also get angry with Double Fine in the videos where they have openly attacked specific backers or lump backers together as simply haters... because what I see is a lot of people not hating but voicing their genuine frustration of what was promised (an adventure game like you remember to what was delivered, of being much more geared to the casual player.)... I personally would have a lot more respect for Double Fine if they had properly answered those complaints with a true response and answering of those questions, rather than the quite unprofessional, almost childish response they seem to have given in those previous videos. For myself I liked act one, it was beautiful, but flawed game, though being far too easy, for the reasons mentioned in my previous posts. I am however fully confident that Act two will rectify many of those concerns raised about difficulty, my only concern now is that act two will feel too different to the first part, paricuarly for those who liked the more casual level difficulty... so hopefully Double Fine will come up with varying levels of difficulty to satisfy the different tpe of players.
  12. Yes true that Gregs role is to question and ultimately reign in ideas to make sure the budgets balance and the game gets released... but people questioning if he loves the genre is perfectly valid. As someone in that position will naturally reign the ideas towards what they personally prefer or see as profitable.. rather than someone who adores, understand and loves the genre and knows what instictively what makes a great adventure game. Sure. It took me 5 minutes on Google to debunk this via an interview conducted around the time of the release of The Cave (in way before Remastered: And to finish off, what is your favourite game? Greg: Is it kissing ass if I say Grim Fandango? -- Besides, DF have bunch of producers, obviously they would have chosen one suited to the genre. People still are in their rights to doubt his interest KestrelPi, just because some says something in an interview doesn`t mean it is what they feel in their heart... As said above I don't personally agree that Greg doesn't like the genre, but I totally get why people question it, when there has been instances where Greg seems to push for simplicity... I think it is far more likely however, that Greg pushes for these things to limit timescales and costs... after all you could have the best adventure game in the world but if it took forever and broke the company, then it would be bad in the extreme. This is why personally I think the heavy emphasis on the art, animation and quality voice is far more a factor with act ones simplicity. KestrelPi, you really should look at what people are saying and listen, instead of sitting in your ivory fanboy tower and dissing any comment or viewpoint that doesn't fit with your own narrow fanboy viewpoint. I get that some love how act one and even the difficulty level was right for them, but many also didnt feel Act one could have been all it could have. I think it is right to discuss what went right, and what went wrong in a game, after all how else can one learn and grow.
  13. Yes true that Gregs role is to question and ultimately reign in ideas to make sure the budgets balance and the game gets released... but people questioning if he loves the genre is perfectly valid. As someone in that position will naturally reign the ideas towards what they personally prefer or see as profitable.. rather than someone who adores, understand and loves the genre and knows what instictively what makes a great adventure game. I dont think thouh that Greg was the main cause of the simplicity of act one... a bigger part i think is the constraints of the beautiful art and voice acting... the trouble is complexity usually means an exponential increase in responses and outcomes.. which in turn means animation and voice lines needed becoming massively more content to be created. As beautiful as Broken Age is, I do wonder whether the price to be paid for it was to streamline the clickable objects and items to be found in the game, and so make the game inherently easy through its streamlined, limited outcome, game it naturally became.
  14. and, would it matter? you don't have to love tampons to manage tampon factories. Well yeah I think it would, I think someone who has no interest in say a racing game, wouldn't do a good a job in producing one as someone who has spent years living and breathing a genre and understanding the genres nuances and what fans of that genre want from games of that type. Of course I do realise the counter is someone not into a genre may widen the audience by bringing new elements... but for me I cant think personally of an example where that has worked. Your Tampon analogy is a poor one, as that is for a device that is just utilized, therefor people just want it to work and be comfortable... it is not an object you desire, emote and love...such as a car... in a car company example, then yes I would want the person managing a new line in Ferraris, to actually like sport cars, and think a manager who is only interested in family cars would not help in making a great Ferrari, as his project decisions would be completely contradictory to what most people want and expect from a Ferrari. Having said all that I don't see Greg as someone who doesn't like adventure games, I hope the clip at the end was an out of context conversation, and maybe Greg even attempting dry humour. If not then that is a shame, as Broken Age isn't a kids game, with quite adult themes at its core..and if they want a kidgame kids could enjoy then they really should create Sesame Street the adventure game!! Overall, there is always a way to tailor difficulties in a game to allow for different types of players... that is a manual hint system. That way those who don't like to be stumped can click away to get the hints that Broken Age act 1 frustratingly automatically gave, and so others who like a puzzle can have more a challenge. Of course the lack of clickable parts of the screen and minimal objects were also a problem in act one... often I solved a puzzle not because I had worked it out, but because I had a single object and so gave it a try... This is a very unsatisfactory puzzle solve. Hopefully though, in act two there will be less of this.
  15. Great to have an update and to see how much focus you guys and gals are putting in to act 2... As to the game being released I personally would much prefer you take your time and get it right as opposed to have to cut things or risk quality... having said that I totally get from a business standpoint why getting it out this year is so beneficial. What is it Shigeru Miyamoto says? .. 'A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.' But overall I feel very encouraged, it sounds like the puzzle difficulty is going to be much better this time around (the only thing wrong with act 1 in my mind) and that makes me very happy :-) :-) Am a little worried about the scale issue though of the boy as it did look weird seeing him look so small in the girls world. Great news as well to hear about even more updates from Tim etc to come. Keep up the great work
  16. Thanks for the update Greg... although how soon is soon? :-)
  17. I am personally fine waiting (if feel the time is being put to make act 2 amazing)... its the lack of updates and seemingly lack of interest by DF to act 2 that has me worried. I don't mean just videos, just general DF posts here and on the web about the game... It really does feel that DF are putting all there attentions elsewhere and Act 2 is going to be something that limps out just to meet an obligation.. Hopefully I am wrong in that regard and that DF is going the other direction, of going all out to make the game shine... but if that is the case then I think it has a been a major miss step by DF not to post regularly here and around the web to keep the momentum and excitement going for the game. DF are really doing themselves no favours with all of this, and that makes me really sad
  18. If only an old school adventuring developer of yesteryear could do a Kick Starter campaign and promise an old school adventure just as we remembered. By doing so they could bypass the worry of being successful and not have to dumb it down for a new generation... ...oh yeah we had that didn't we... :-) In all seriousness I think Broken Age Act 1 had a lot of virtues... I honestly feel it fell foul of too much play testers. The trouble is they dumbed the game down for the casual market in the hope of more revenue.. but I think the truth is the casual market aren't into these types of games (unless its those choose your own adventure book recent Tell Tale games and even those I suspect is a fad that will pass). I personally am still hopeful for Act 2 and possibly Double Fine even considering a Directors Cut/Special Edition of the complete game... There is so much that is right and beautiful with Act 1.. It just was too easy...and that is something that can be fixed by removing those auto hints that are far too frequent and replace it with the game player choosing the hint via a hint button. Stick in some more inventory and interactive objects and Act One would have been a classic. As it stands Act One if a beautiful game but not one I think will stand the test of time as Tims other adventure games (and only because of the above mentioned flaws). I must confess I do wish Double Fine considers doing a low budget adventure... with all the effort placed towards writing, puzzles, characters and lots of interactive objects... Would love to see that game and it is probably that, which most of us backers perhaps hoped the game that would have been made.
  19. I know where you are coming from, but personally still think DF easily could do a 5 min update, once a week. One thing the DF episodes have taught me about game development is that the workflow bottlenecks is the biggest issue.. in other words not everyone can be working, because they are reliant on other steps in the chain. We all have jobs and work hard, and in those jobs there are many steps that feel a waste of time to individuals (time sheets, mandatory training, spring to mind for me :-) ) .. but we do them because ultimately it does has a worth, in remaining compliant as a company and making a better company as a whole (or in DF case keeping the legions of backers on their side for this and future games). Therefore I am sure a weekly update by one single different person, would not be difficult to do... and also not being funny, but some of the team seem to find time to do general twitter updates about them and often during work time in the US. Now I realise that's most people in this world (myself included), but just highlighting it as a twitter update and a backers update on work time, takes roughly the same time. Genuinely I feel its a shame, not for me or us backers particularly. But for Double Fine, they have resulted in squandering the momentum and excitement for the game, over such a simple and quick task of a regular backers update.
  20. As I know we all love adventure games.. I wondered if anyone had tried this? http://gorogoa.com I only came across it as Ron Gilbert tweeted "This is one of the most impressive games I've ever played:" Anyway I have nothing to do with the game. But wondered what others thought of it? I found it beautiful, elegant and full of potential. I know it's only a demo currently, but it really is one of the best adventure games I have played in years.
  21. Nice to see that video coming soon... I must say DF seem to be not helping themselves lately with squandering the good will of people and a lot of hatred out there now towards them.. Of course SpaceBase DF9 having the plug pulled hasn't helped... I dont feel any hatred for them, only love... but I find it crazy they fail to do simple things that would keep the good will flowing... how tough would it be for a weekly text update on the forum, just showing us DF havent forgotten us backers and are doing all they can with act two and keeping us in the loop... 5 mins from a person a week and you would make so many backers happy and more patient for the game... I did get a tweet from Tim who agreed the updates have been dry and they will try and improve, and I know Greg has explained the lack of forum love coincided with the community manager leaving DF... so I hope things will improve... but I hope DF will learn that keeping their fans in the loop reguarly will make them feel more invested in their games and company as opposed to feeling like a jilted lover from someone who has lost interest and no longer calls. :-)
  22. Totally agree with Miko.. What Greg and Double Fine are calling "Real Pricing" is actually rip off pricing because you live in a different part of the World... It disappoints me greatly (sadly one of many things with Double Fine recently) that they cannot accept that in the digital world everyone should pay for one price Worldwide, and that is the only just and fair option a company should adopt. I hope that GOG will remain true to their fair vision... and I hope Double Fine seriously looks within themselves, of what company they are trying to portray, and what many are seeing them becoming in recent years.
  23. Thanks for doing a text update. It would be wonderful if you guys could do more of these like you did in act one... I know you guys are super busy, but getting these small updates really helps us backers keep in the loop... After all showing us the end to end process of writing a video game was the main premise for this Kickstarter campaign. All the best
  24. Agree the story was beautiful and world & characters Tim produced. But the actual game, at least in part one failed in a number of key aspects.. Because of the wonderful animations & full star voice acting, meant i suspect the interactive items and objects had to streamlined. This made the puzzles too obvious as often you only had two items to try and solve the puzzle with... This resulted in some puzzles being solved even before realising there was a puzzle to be solved. Also the system would auto hint a solution, before you had any time to think on things. There for the game felt more like a beautiful work of art and cartoon, as opposed to an actual game. The second thing I would have loved to have seen is more detail on items examined. Gone home did a wonderful job of this, leaving items to fire up memories, or even written letters that gave a deeper backdrop to the world you find its self. Broken Age was extremely minimal on this, and so the world came across as beautiful but shallow, a tantalising but never fully realised world to truly immerse yourself. My wish list for Act 2 : - To make the game tougher, by less auto hints given and difficulty ramped up through having more interactive objects and inventory items. - Add in a hint system (could be done by adding in a hint buddy robot, talking watch, magical Minish style cap or something. The hints would find that bridge for gamers who like a puzzle, and those more casual gamers who like to just breeze through a game. This way you get the best of both worlds as you can have the toughness whilst still having easy access to the currently auto hints for those more inclined for that style of game. Broken Age 5, I think implemented this very well. - Add in back story items such as spoken dialogue reminissing when you look at a warrior painting or find maybe old letters or computer logs fleshing out the story even more.
  25. Maybe some people get their jollies from posting negativity, but personally I am trying to present constructive criticism, and I don't see what's not to get about that. I totally agree... this is an open forum and not just sycophant forum, pandering to Double Fine about how wonderful they are. I think Doublefine created a beautiful game full of care and love. But I also feel Act One was fundametely flawed through its hand holding single difficulty level and streamlined interactive objects. I am hopeful however that Double Fine has listened to that constructive criticisms raised on act one and will go a long way to remeding those issues with Act two. As mentioned I also feel for future Double Fine adventure games I would much rather see less polish on the animation and voice talent because I suspect that was a major factor is such a streamlined game, because every item and action must be incredibly resource intensive to produce. Also I think this Act One sadly proves that there isnt the market to sustain such a team dedicated to this game, and instead a small team, less graphics and Tim at his comedic best is all that is needed to create a wonderful adventure game, and one that should hopefully one that would be much more profitable thanks to the smaller team. One thing Act One did show me however, for creating wonderful characters, worlds and witty dialogue there is no one better that Tim Schaefer at producing such things.
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