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  1. Great to see an update after all this time, but so sad to see how dejected everyone looked. I think perhaps the lesson Double Fine can take away from this is doing lots of play testing result in a far too easy, dumbed down game (when I think of the countless examples in film where classic films or TV shows would have been ruined, if they listened to pre-screen viewers Twelve Monkey is a classic example, where the viewers hated it and if the director Terry Gilliam hadnt stuck to his guns the film would have been ruined)... I get they wanted to get the casual game market, but I just dont think that demographic is interested in Adventure games.. So they kind of alienated the hardcore adventure market and the countless others who loved adventure games back in the day and who would have gone for it, if the people who did buy it werent so critical on how easy the game was. Having said all that Broken Sword 5 sales were pitiful and I felt they did a much better job with manging the balance between hardcore and casual (with the hint system), so maybe its simply there isn't the market anymore for adventure games? I think Tim talking about story over puzzle.. may struggle... I think the puzzles need to be king and story a far behind second. The reason I say this is because Lets Play videos and the internet means that if a game is mostly story and simple puzzles (like act one)... then you may as well just watch the video of someone else playing it as opposed buying the game. This is why games like Professor Layton does so well as people love the puzzles in that game. This is why I think adventure games today either needs to be... A - Good strong puzzles (The old Lucas Art adventures, Professor Layton) B - A detailed world you can get lost in (Gone Home) C - An Action RPG mixing in adventure elements (Zelda etc) Act One followed B the closest, but I feel failed because of the streamlined approach to interactive items and connected dialogue. I think Act One would have benefited greatly for the back art bringing up text descriptions or audio narration, giving more back story to the world we find ourselves.. Things like the old warrior photos going into a narration of how the world used to be. I can't help but feel all the funds was eaten up by the amazing graphics and polish and as a result not bringing any depth to the game. Tim you are the greatest dialogue and puzzle writers around and you genuinely dont need smooth animations or stunning graphics... becasue your artist could draw some squares with a smily face and your dialogue and puzzles would make it just as much an enjoyable game at much less cost.. it would even be a better game in my opinion, because more time can be spent on more interactable objects and puzzles.. that probably have to get cut, due to the spiraling art budget that needs to accompany each thing.
  2. Hi matey where do you see the updates as I am not getting sent anything?
  3. I think we will be lucky to see the game this year... with grim fandango and all the other stuff going on... I really get the feeling they see act one Met the kickstarter agreement and so i dont expect too much from double fine until act 2 gets released.. Like to be proven wrong.. but whe emailed greg at double fine i got very much that impression with him stating the updates not happening as no community manager now and it seemed to be well any updates wouldnt be in backing because its live. I dont feel cheated by act one or the updates doublefine...but i do feel their going quiet and attitude after act one is a HUGE mistake...as they have squandered all the good will they built up from people...and all they need to do is communicate a quick text post explaining what is going on and that would satisfy a lot of people. . Even if it was something like. .. look guys and gals..act one didnt sell what we hoped. So we are putting things on ice to do other projects to pay the bills and then do the effort act 2 deserves.. that kind of statement i could respect... straight silence from them for me at least really annoys.
  4. I didnt realise until am email exchange recently with Dou le Fine to fix my account, that the lost their Community Manager. This is why the forums have gone so quiet from Double Fine, as everyone is trying to do their day job. They did say they are looking for a replacement, but until then, expect things to be slow.
  5. Yeah It has been like that for a while... To be honest I am not so worried about the actual documentary vids (I love them of course, but understand that we have already had more than we expected)... But I do find it a shame that any posts of any kind haven't been done for an age now... ...If I was a betting man I suspect that Broken Age Act One hasn't had quite the sales they hoped for.. and so they are now focussing now on getting some other games out to get additional revnue in, before going back to Act two. This might not be a bad thing... As it will give everyone who worked and burnt out fron Act One a change and give Tim some serious time to make the writing and puzzles to be amazing (and I have everything crossed to give the option to be harder as well).
  6. For myself I am not saying that... My view though is that all Lucas Arts adventures was all about the challenge, the puzzles and brainteasers, mixed in with the story. Broken Age focus instead had been "dumbed" down, making the puzzles incidental, just so the player could play right the way through in one sitting... Whilst I am not saying that direction is not neccessarily a bad one, for the casual gamer, it is fair to say that it isn't a Lucas Arts style of adventure game, where puzzles, challenge and witty dialogue was king. Well one out of three aint bad I guess. As to AceFox comments... If you think making something easy with no challenge is moving the adventure genre foward, then I worry for the future of Adventure game genre.
  7. You can't speak for everyone on the topic of why they decided to be backers. You can only speak for yourself. I backed to give Tim and Double Fine creative freedom, to make the game he and they want to make, free from the restrictions of publisher demands. What would have been the point of all that if he was going to succumb to the individual self-serving demands of 90,000 backers? That would have been worse than working with a publisher! I mean seriously, we've been hanging out here for two years and there's still people who have learned practically nothing from all this. Sorry but his point is absolutely valid, since the original pitch was for an old-school adventure game. Frankly, I think you're being dismissive. What we got from Double Fine was what a publisher would have done with adventure games - the talk in this episode of new audiences discovering adventure games, and "moving past those few hardcore gamers" for the puzzle design, is simply not what the pitch was. It's a pretty cynical thing to see Tim to downplay "hardcore gamers" since they're the ones who made this possible in the first place. Nonetheless, I personally actually enjoyed the end result. But I have to be fair - it's wrong to dismiss people who've feel they've been bait-and-switched. The case can certainly be argued and it's wrong to shut that discussion down. I agree with this, Tim Schafer clearly said an old school adventure in the original pitch. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doublefine/double-fine-adventure I too was happy enough with the end result, but even I can admit what we got, it definitely wasn't what was pitched, so I totally get why some people are upset. I think part of the problem is the high production values and large number of people working on the game, meant the game simply had to be aimed more to the wider "casual" gamer market, who (it seems) just wan't to be hand held through it all. The irony, is I think the price point chosen is far too much for that casual market to sustain. In some ways I wish DF had instead did hand drawn Day of the Tentacle level of graphics and controls and threw the rest of the money on Tim and writers and make a deep, rich, imagined world, full of oodles of wonderful dialogue, locations and puzzles. It is this that I feel people actually mean when they say "old School Adventure"... I feel, as stunningly beautiful as the animation and top voice acting was in the game, as to generate all that gorgeous animation and top quality voice acting meant the game had to be streamlined and puzzles limited, because these elements were so costly. (I also really miss being able to examine everything). I personally would love after Act two if Tim would consider such an "old school" game, where he uses in house staff to do the voices and less inhouse artists to do functional "Lucas Art level" hand drawn art..so the game can be all about the story, writing, interactivity and puzzles... After all that is the heartbeating core of what all great adventure games should be about.
  8. One part I do agree on the above comment was the denial when Tim says apart from a few hardcore adventure gamers finding act one too easy, the rest found it fine... The way he down played it all a small minority I personally found a little insulting. I mean, I am sorry how do they arrive at that conclusion? I have not seen a single review out there where it being too easy has not been an active criticism. Even on our own forums 82% found it too easy* and was disatisfied with the difficulty level... Now that is a big percentage where people felt Double Fine simply got the difficulty level wrong, especially for the price bracket they were aiming for. It did worry me therefore on the video how dimissive of it all Tim was about this fact, seemingly taking the impression it was only a few yapping hardcore adventure gamers. For me as my previous posts attest, I love the game and really enjoyed playing it, with the story humour, writing, voice acting absolutely sublime. I even liked the minimalist control interface having no problem with it. The only issue I had was the difficulty level and a few lock before key puzzles.. and a few I even solvied before I knew the solution. I fondly hope Act 2 will resolve this, but to do this the first step is to accept the difficulty was set wrong on Act One and look at ways to rectify it. For me the best solution would be how Broken Sword does it with a hint system. (maybe be do a combined directors cut) That way for those that like a brain twister and being stuck can keep away from the hint system, where as the casual gamer more interested in the story can hint away to their hearts content and get a similar experience to how Act One currently is. I hope people don't feel I am being too dismissive, I do love the game and want it to be a huge success as I want to see Double Fine do well and see more Adventure games. But part of that is casting a critical eye, identifying what was both wrong and right and looking to address the areas that weren't quite right. * http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12348/ Too Easy: - 82% Easy - eveyrthing was obvious (too easy!) 292 Slightly Difficult - made me think (not hard enough) 127 Difficult - struggled a fair amount (enjoyable, but harder please!) 2 Just Right: - 15% Easy - everything was obvious (just the way I like it!) 14 Slightly Difficult - made me think (just right) 59 Difficult - struggled a fair amount (just what I wanted!) 5 Very Hard - got stumped for hours (yeah, baby, bring it on!) 1 Too Tough: - 3% Slightly Difficult - made me think (not easy enough) 12 Difficult - struggled a fair amount (would have liked it easier!) 2 Very Hard - got stumped for hours (evil! take it away!) 1
  9. We also shouldn't forget that 90.000 backers already had the game: most of us would probably have been part of the group of early adopters if there hadn't been a kickstarter, pushing the game to the top of the Steam charts for a longer time, generating more buzz and sales. If Act II gets good reviews (hopefully even better than Act I), I think it could get a bigger spike in sales, especially when they come out on launch day this time. I'm also surprised that the release of the DFA Documentary hasn't gotten any press coverage yet. I would think that some good reviews of that, could help generate some more buzz about the game as well. Anyway, great episode as always! I loved the openness about the sales figures and expectations: I didn't expect we would get an insight into the exact numbers. Yes I know what you mean, I would personally be happy if Double fine released a public "best of" the documentaries so far.. Who knows it might get other non backers to feel the love and care that went into the product and boost sales. Imagine if IGN and Steam, GOG etc allowed a lengthy post of it (say a 1hour special) .. it could only help sales.
  10. Great to see another episode again. Its a shame that sales after a week werent Earth shatteringly good, having said that iOS and Android may push up the sales as I can imagine this game fitting in nicely. I still think you should do a demo though (just Vellas story up until just before Mog Chothra gets introduced)... As at the higher pricepoint (compared to other adventure games released recently) means that many wont buy as they cannot appeciate how simply beautiful and stunning it is to play, and worth the full price release status. I would love to see a sales post of this game, as after sharing all the trials and tribulations with you I would love to see the hard figures as the game continues to sell. Also from a selfish point I want it to sell well as I really hope Double Fine can do more adventures now that the game engine and tools have all been built.
  11. Why has this and Episode 14 not been put up on the Double Fine sticky thread of all the videos? It looks like Double fine gave up posing it there since episode 13? I would also love another update if possible, as Episode 14 as it was a good while a go.. I appreciate there was amnesia week etc, but it would be nice to have something even if it was a text update like the number crunching thread that I believe was the last thread.
  12. Great stats.. I cant wait to hear how well the game is selling.. my fear is that peoples perception of games like this will be that it should be cheaper.. I know my friends thought that.. It was only when they actually saw it.. when they got this was a triple A title and so deserving of the price being asked. Has double Fine considered selling only Act One? to offer another cheaper price point? Kind of like how Tell Tale does it? (single episode or season pass) The other thing that would help is maybe do a free playable demo of the Vella story arc up until Mog Chothra is about to arrive (just before you get to see it). I know with the Stanley Parable the demo made me take the plunge in buying it as it was so good (actually I found the demo better, but thats another story). Finally are you considering putting it on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii-U, Xbox One and PS4 (360 is the system I own)... As much as I enjoy PC games.. I still prefer consoles.. I mean I often rebuy games like Great Giana Sisters, Fez and will be getting Gone Home on release. I just like the instant accessability through the big TV. I guess its just a simple case of saving the game in .x360 and .PS3 file extension right ;-) (joking) :-D No in all seriousness maybe you could talk to the company doing your costume quest 2 and Going Home and ask them to bring it across? So you can concentrate on Act Two?
  13. I did Sheys story first and I am glad I did as I think it would have taken something away from act one if I had done Vellas story first.
  14. I hate to be a hater or anything... but I don't like either design, finding both rather dull and uninspired... I feel its needs a Schafer quote... maybe Soylent Dreams turned into an advert with a Tim thought up ad slogan.
  15. I hate to be a hater or anything... but I don't like either design, finding both rather dull and uninspired... I feel its needs a Schafer quote... maybe Soylent Dreams turned into an advert with a Tim thought up ad slogan.
  16. I wasted a little time in the icecream mountain room, convinced I had to escape through that door that the computer was telling me not to worry about.
  17. You know it struck me that Double Fine ought to consider licensing the adventure game engine they have built for Broken Age? I dont mean the create your own Adventure game level but more like Unity/Unreal Engine level of developer. Not only would this be a great additional source of revenue for Double Fine... but also mean other developers could also step forward to also bring us even more adventure games to play in addition to . Incidentally it was encouraging that a friend of mine who came over on the weekend... he was quite skeptical on the whole Broken Age game kickstarter thing (probably because only reading the outside press on it)... but on playing 20 minutes on my PC he was so blown away by the game he bought it there and then. He also interestingly found the Vela puzzles I had breezed through quite tough..probably as he was quite rusty on playing this genre.
  18. I appreciate your opinion but I personally prefer the Lucas Arts model where exploration is rewarded with humour and not punishment and death. It is in fact the main factor that turns me away from Sierra Games personally.
  19. The other one I can think of is number 10 violated... For example why it specifically had to be three eggs to gives as an offering...as the script implied anything.
  20. It is a double (fine) edged sword.. But I think it needs a demo (Vella story arc only and only just up until Mothra just arrives then cut to the trailer and to buy the fullgame)... I think the high price point (from those looking and new to adventures) will be wary to make the purchase. A demo might just win people over.). Also have you considered an Single act purchase of £12? I know Telltale do that where you can get the season pass or buy each episode individually.
  21. Great new if we could buy the Documentary on Blu-Ray or DVD as I would love to buy it (I didnt have the funds when I backed the game first time around and now really regretting it :-( )
  22. I am on the second watch through... Another great episode.... I have also been posting my positive reviews on this game on different forums , steam and Metacritic...as I so want this game to succeed...not just because I want more adventure games done by Double Fine (pleas, please please ), but because this game is a work of art and fantastic and deserves my praise. I still hope it harder for act two, but I do think by doing act 1 as you have done it is probably a canny move...as I know so many who like the idea of adventure games, but find them too frustrating.
  23. Yes just had a quick play and it all feels so much more polished...and love the new interface... Well done Double Fine. I really hope this game sells well for you... It certainly deserves to.
  24. I am also a Brit. I hadn't heard of the term pit but got what it meant for the purpose of the Puzzle... Incidentally I also hadn't heard of the term Snicker (outside of the Chocolate bar) In the UK we say snigger or smirks. None of it personally stopped me though in solving the puzzle... its not Monkey Wrench puzzle lol
  25. Ha thats exactly what I thought... that guy interbiewing Tim is either stoned out of his brain...or extremely weird.
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