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  1. I am glad someone said what many backers are saying in an interview...Reading IGN and the frankly ridiculous 95% it was as if Tim had created the best adventure game of all time.. Whilst I loved the game (prob up in my Top 20 adventure games) it is far from perfect... The main gripe as constantly given by backers is the difficulty of the game was too easy and so consewuently the game seemed short. I am glad with what Tim has been saying on this interview that Act 2 will be more difficult. From my point of view I am happy to wait for Double Fine to get Act Two perfect... However maybe for the non backers ..javing too long a gap between acts would be detrimental to Double Fine. For me I would like to see in Act Two... 1. After completing the game stick in reasons to replay it.. maybe have it where there is a scavenger hunt to find hidden objects. You could have lots of fun with this and probably quite easy to code... have an object hidden and you are on a clock to find it.. You could then beat your scores in finding an object. 2. Have more descriptions on background items. I wanted to click on things like pictures in Vellas house etc to get a real backstory to the beautiful world I found myself in. instead all the areas was just pretty eye candy. 3. Option to switch off extra hints. I get some people like those hints telling me what to do on the train, or what to do to get the cupcake. But it would be awesome to have an option to switch that off... As often I felt cheated out of a puzzle because the dialogue was practically screaming it to me. 4. I would love to be able to find letters, diary entries, newspapers or whatever that give me more backstory to this beautiful world Tim has created. I know Tim said he wants it like you are peeping through the fence of a baseball game...glimpsing the game..but I felt the lack of background items to click on (see point 2) meant I didn't engage with the world as much as I do with some of the best adventure games.
  2. I really, really, really like this idea. Requires whole other game to be conceived...but it sounds amazing. And to play the game, you could hide the cartridge/disc for the game somewhere only seasoned adventure gamers would find it. And not only that, there could be other, simpler game discs/cartridges hidden around the ship that could be played too. Mini-games! Not going to happen, but it'd be nice. So basically Maniac Mansion that can be found in Day of the Tentacle. Nice idea, but a huge amount of work for Double Fine to do.
  3. Nope didnt use any hints.. the games dialogue was often shouting the answer to me anyway. The one but I was a little stumped for a while was what was needed for the temple... I think it was mostly because I was convinced it was the glass object and I was clicking on things wrongly... Then I went for a wander and found the answer reasonably quickly.
  4. I chose Shays story line and played it through... For me the biggest challenge with Shay was working out the maze like space ship to get where I knew I wanted to go... I scribbled a quick map in the end. I think I might have switched a couple of time if I had done the Vella story arc as I was stuck for a few moments when thinking what to use in the temple. To be honest though.. that was the only point in the whole game where I had that aha moment.. The rest was enjoying the interactive story book (very much like the direction Tell Tale has now gone).
  5. Loved the game although puzzles were too easy, but then looks to be designed for the broader non adventure gaming casual market. (its worked well for Tell Tale Games) I think only been giving the hints if you asked for it (like in Broken Sword) and more clickable items as often it was obvious what to do by only a couple of things were clickable on the screen. I still cliked very Satisfied though as I do love this game and do feel Tim and the Red team totally delivered..even if it was perhaps not brain stretching adventure game I was wishful for..but I totally get that for the budget this has had that game would have been a comercial flop for Double Fine. I Still would love if Tim considers after this, doing another tiny budget adventure title that uses only the staff recorded dialogue or no voice acting at all. This would allow full emphasis on the story, dialogue and puzzles and just have basic graphics. As I feel with this game the time consuming, stunningly beautiful art and fantastic recorded dialogue meant I suspect puzzles, number of objects and dialogues had to be cut out? After all when recording each response I can imagine it quickly becomes unfeasable to have the triple AAA cast as the responses go up exponentially with the number of objects, locations and clickable objects.
  6. Another idea, not for toughness but longetivity... Maybe have small books.. or letters or things that can be found and read that trigger memories that you can find and read to build up even more backstory to the world you are in. The Gone Home game has recently done this very well. For example I remember one of the documentaries (which were fab and worth the donation alone in my opinion) where one of the Red team said about Vellas house and how the pictures on the wall should be Grandpa in battle gear to give that warrior history... On playing the game when in the house I went straight to those pictures, hoping it would tell me that backstory or something... Now I appreciate all this is extra effort and money.. but a written letter or diary or recorded captains log can really make the world so much richer..and with Tim or a student author hired you could probably include the above with minimal time or costs (I imagine? )
  7. I appreciate the balance is tough, in adventure games... allowing for the casual gamer whilst satisfying the adventure game core. But with act one, I felt the issue with the difficulty was there was too many clues that you were forced to hear whether you wanted to or not..This was particuarly true for Shays story arc, but also Vella's. One way I think it could be done in act two is the Broken Sword style of choosing the hints if you are stuck.. So it can appeal to both the causal and adventure game camps. Tim could maybe incorporate it into a character that game player has with him... like in the Zelda Minish cap, Mr Stuffwell in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga or Comic Jumper games. You could just imagine fun dialogue of a robot or talking watch or something..saying are you sure you want to have a hint again? or something like that. Another thing that made this easy was the lack of interactable objects.. I get this was probably a cost thing..as your top brass recorded dialogue wont be cheap.. but it was a shame as often it was so obvious what you had to do because nothing else was interactable. Finally can I suggest incoroprating hidden secrets in the game to increase longetivity. So for example have cute furry critters in the game called Bugz as a seperate sidequest (could be anything..lteral Easter Eggs or whatever)...they serve no purpose in the game but to collect them... If you do this right then you can stretch out so much more playtime with your game as people try to find them all... Zelda did this in Ocarina of Time (with the Spider masks) Professor Layton with the extra puzzles and hint coins even Doom ...and of course Mario games do it so well and recently Rayman Legends as well. It would really entice people to click on everything and go exploring.. There is nothing quite like hunting down secrets like this and as long as you keep it as a seperate count (so you have all you have collected previously) then a lot of people will re-play until all is collected up..a reward short animation or something for collecting them all would be good as well. Anyway love the game and can't wait until Act Two.
  8. Agree with what was being said here, although I absolutely adored this game... But I think the problem was that as the budget of the game spiralled. When the game started to become a triple AAA title and so it had to appeal to the casual gamer as opposed to an old school adventurer.. This is a beautiful game but was all about not getting too stuck and too frustrated..because the casual market won't stand for that. So all in all for what it was trying to do being an introduction to adventure games and for a person just there to enjoy this was a perfect game. But for the people weaned on Monkey Island 2 / Day of the Tentacle difficulty (like myself) and expecting that again then this didn't give that... whilst it is a shame, I totally understand why... I mean old school adventure games are still very niche...even Tell Tale didnt hit the big time with their Sam and Max, Monkey Island reboots until they also went down the casual gamer route (Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us). So I think for the AAA type of game Double Fine were producing they were right with what they did.. One thing though I would love personally after this game is all done, that Tim considers during Amnesia Fortnight or something to do a very "low tech" adventure game with no recorded dialogue with emphasis on the puzzles and story. It would only need to be the Monkey Island level of graphics and sound... I know that that this type of game would not hit mainstream but it would make that core of adventure gamers very happy.
  9. After completing Act One I can honestly say that Tim and the Red team completely delivered on Act One. I was initially a little worried at the difficulty and length as I played Shay first and found that section too easy (although I still loved it). But the Vella story Arc was much longer and actually got stumped a few times near the end... It was so great to have that Aha moment again that adventure games bring. I thought the graphics throughout, but particuarly on Vella was amazing and beautiful. The sound and voice acting was top notch throughout and all I felt fitted with the characters. The story and dialogue was brilliant with me really engaging with it and the characters. Things that could be improved? On the Shay story Arc I felt the hints were a little blaytant, sometimes giving me the answer before I felt I had worked it out myself... Didn't feel this at all on the Vella story arc. All in all thrilled and really happy..This adventure has already gone up in my top 10 adventure games I feel (along with Tims other games) so all in all a job well done. I really hope this is a good seller for you as I want more Tim Schaefer adventure games... Cant wait for Act Two :D
  10. When Shay was going in out of teleporters and using space found I lost cursor and had to reload game to fix.
  11. Vella Ladder use with Bird who wants her egg.. Vella Walks behind Ladder when walking up.
  12. The subtitles glitch when Vella clicks on the mail box.
  13. Yes according to Cambridge online (which I trust more than my first link) http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/snigger# Snigger is UK and Snicker is US. Explains why I hadnt heard it before outside of choccie bars.
  14. http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=2063278 According to this it is as follows In my experience, snicker is American and snigger is British. I've grown to like snigger better -- it just sounds a little more smirky and sarcastic. In most contexts, I believe their meaning is the same.
  15. oh Snicker can mean Snigger... must be an Amercian thing... curse you Americans and your weird version of English lol ;-) I still havent forgiven you for the "Monkey Wrench" Puzzle in Monkey Island... now that was a tough puzzle as in the UK a wrench is just a wrench lol
  16. Just played through the Shay story line... loved it... A couple of things noticed... In Nexus room I was trying the different teleporter doors quickly and hitting space and my mouse cursor disappeared. It was no Biggie as I just went into main menu and reloaded and cursor came back. In the Orb room ..The wolf syas hey are you doing it on purpose and then the text says for Shay "Snickers".... Unless this is very subtle advertising (I want a choccie bar now, so it does work ) I assume you meant Sniggers? Apart from that the rest ran great, really enjoyed it...maybe a little easy...but that could be that I am so atuned to playing adventure games over the years that it just made a breeze. Will post anything else I notice on the other story arc.
  17. I could be miss-remembering the kickstarter, but I think only 100+ pledges where in the Credits? There was a survey long ago, about what you wanted your name to be in the Credits. Smiles Yes just checked on Kickstarter and you were right it is the $100 Tier.. drat me and my tightness :-) ... still I was pretty skint back in the day when I backed it...doh
  18. Actually I have a question for the backer name in the credits I couldnt see my name Paul Driscoll... or was it that is shows as my user name TheDrisk? .. just handy to know what to look for? (or was it only a certain tier backer level who gets a mention? I cant remember?...As there is a lotta names lol .. I am still enjoying the game.. Space ship a little mazey as it opens out ..but learning the layout now. If it is Paul Driscoll..Then I am not there on the credits... sheesh I don't know 80 thousand names and YOU cant get them all right ..tsk tsk ;-) lol Thanks again .. agree from what I have played so far you guys and gals have definitely delivered :-) Very happy :-)
  19. Playing it now.. just reached the Wolf Merrick.. Loving the game so far, love Tims writing and the whole look of it all. Was a bit shocked hotspots have no text..but getting used to it now and actually really like the user interface..very clean and simple to use.. noticed some voice overlap..it worked ok but not sure if intentional or not. But great job so ..I am loving it and Elija Wood voice is perfect for Shay as is Merrick.
  20. Woah there buddy this is a beta not the final game... I prefer DRM free as well but understand why they are doing it on steam fon pre release.
  21. Really excited... Cant believe the Beta day is practically here now :D
  22. Fab episode.. Really, really excited for January the 14th or the 30th (whenever Act one comes out). I think Tim was right about the Merrick animation..As good as it looked, it just didnt fit with the voice acting. Merry Christmas to all at Double Fine and I really hope this game is a huge hit for you all (as it deserves to be).
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