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  1. I agree Joel was terrible in VGX... The idea of a show with lots of announcements and interviewing the game developers after was a great idea... and the massive numbers who watched says there is an appetite for it. So Spike next time stick with Geoff... drop the concert and the dodgy sketches and you might have something.
  2. Game looked great on the VGX stream... pity the VGX show was terrible though. Still Broken Age will have got a lot of coverage ...so not bad.
  3. wow I am getting more and more excited... and for me not just the voice casting but when Tim gives a synopsis of the character.. it makes me realise how imaginative that guy is and that the king of Adventure games (well the Plato/Schaefer to Socrates/Gilbert that is) is back doing adventure games again.
  4. Cant wait to see the game and sink my teeth into a Tim Schafer adventure game again.. its been a long long time (not the time of this project, I mean the time since the Grim Fandango game.) woo hoo
  5. Yes watched it and enjoyed it.. got some of its info was off but for me the conclusion of life being turned into games I thought was brilliant. It may interest you I used to do a video seies on Video game history... www.youtube.com/TheDrisk I wnet in a lot of depth right from the beginning up until the PS2.. I want to do the rest one day but havent got around to it yet.
  6. Wow the graphics looks absolutely stunning.. I must confess back in the early woodcutter demo days I didnt get the art style with my mind so stuck on the cartooniness of Day of the Tentacle.. But since now seeing the stunning artwork coming out since I am completely loving it with the world just begging to be explored (I just hope you dont fall foul of the Caves backtracking and maze like levels where it was easy to get lost..as although I enjoyed that game..it did kind of ruin it for me personally.)
  7. Hi I Stumbled across this and loved the concept and so decided to back it.. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/557605893/retroworld-relive-your-gaming-childhood-as-a-retro I have nothing to do with the game myself but would love to see this made and so I really hope there are others out there see the games potential like I do and will back the game as well.
  8. Great conference Tim... I certainly hope Crowd Funding will always be a way forward for you. For me I am certainly glad that there is another funding model out there that allows games to be created that isn't yet another FPS or yet another annualised sequel. For my personal hope outside more adventures by Double Fine (definitely my fav genre)... I would love Double Fine to do a Zelda inspired game mixing in more adventure game elements (with lashings of Animal Crossing) One idea I thought of would be to do a Futuristic Zelda style village where you become a member of the Galactic Police.. Which is an excuse for you have to portal to different themed worlds (you can chose to go when these planets alert at any time because it will always take you back in time to the point that planet hit the batlight alarm)... I have always liked that mechanic in Act Raiser where you werent just attacking monsters for the sake of doing it.. but rescuing young Timmy for his parents and seeing the grateful platitudes than ensues. Thats just my thoughts though.. I know Double Fine will continue to come up with your great ideas.. All the best
  9. The game looks good...I am skint now but get paid on the 20th I will definitely back it then as I love the look of it and concept... Well worth reading the Toby Frost books as may give some good inspiration as looks very similar concept (i.e. British Empire in Space) and the books are absolutely hilarious. I hope you get your asking amount...Although may be a tough ask especially leading into Christmas. Hopefully, if you dont make the target then you could release the game without voices or something? All the best and good luck.
  10. Really getting excited about this game with this episode and the Gamespot GDC video really showing how the game will play out. I really hope this is a success as I would love to see more adventure games from Tim Schaefer and and Double Fine and with the engine now built it may be easier to do more? Who knows with Lucas Arts sadly going to the wall a remastered Grim Fandango and the missing acts cut out could be done? Or as someone else mentioned in another post do one based on Adventure Time. I certainly think that with tablets and touchscreen common place Adventure games can find more popularity now-a-days. I would also personally love to see a 2D Zelda style game from Double Fine combing elements of Adventure and the openness of the high viewpoint that Action RPG's bring. Anyway all the best and cant wait... PS I know you are already doing a zillion different formats of the game.. but could you explain why Xbox Live and PSNetwork isnt on the list... The reason I ask is I do like games like this on the big screen to see it best and although that's fine for me as I have a PC hooked up to main TV a lot of people I imagine don't.
  11. Game looks really amazing now... David Kaufman sounds perfect as Merrick (who'd of thought the voice of Danny Phantom could be sooo creepy). Awww man I really hope this game is a huge success for Double Fine I have really missed Tim Schafer's adventure games... I reckon if they did a kick-starter for a remastered Grim Fandango or even better a sequel then the people would be queuing up to pledge their money.
  12. Wow TrueStoryGuy... are you really the great Tim Schafer himself? Or are you just using his picture? If it is you then that is so cool that you actually bother to spend the time to read the forums. I wonder if you read this if you could spend the time reading my last post a few above... particularly where I give 10 old games that are well suited to mobile phones and tablets... I am only raising them to DF simply as I would hate to see a company like yourself ever go under (especially after watching the videos where I feel I know the whole team)... Anyway I think there is a lot of possibility with those games to make them again and make relatively easy money.
  13. I love these documentaries giving a real insight into game development, for me it's worth the backers money alone. I Agree with Tim that length and story arc is important... Even if that means cutting up the game into multiple parts as they do in Telltale games. I think cutting up the game is fine providing assurances are made that it all gets made... Also offering all parts free to larger game backers with smaller backers only getting the first part free (I fall in the smaller backer part and would be fine with this).... One thing though I don't think having famous people doing voices is sensible way of spending the money (unless they do it mega favor cheap)...cameos of previous Lucas Arts would be cool..I would love to hear Richard Sanders (Bernard) Denny Delk (Hoagie) and Jane Jacobs (Laverne) from Day of the Tentacle again. But to be honest some of the in house staff doing the voices sounded really good and I would rather money going on extra gaming content than extra polish.... Actually that is one thing that really struck me in watching this episode that is systematic with what I feel a lot of game developers get wrong... So much time is spent on unnecessary bumf such as ooh look at the cool reflection techniques..or transporter effects and not concentrating on what really makes a game great which is the actual game-play... Look at any hugely popular games of recent times... such as Mine Craft, Angry birds, cut the rope, Candy Crunch or even TellTales adventures they didn't get caught up on perfection but on the game-play its self... For adventure games graphics isn't that important.. you just need it to look believable with everything that looks like it should interact is intractable... Then you need the most important stuff which is Dialogue and Good Puzzles.... Everything else is nice to have but not at the expense of core the game-play, which to be honest sounds like is happening... Also a good way to extend a games life with relatively little effort is to make hidden things collectable in the game... Have tiny cute furry little "Bugz" (game glitches) that are hidden around the game and have an Animal Crossing museum like building where you can see them all stored with a little information about each... You could also do fish or even little cartoon members of the team (and other game developers) which can be collected up and stored in a little zoo .. its of course important like a sticker book to know you are missing some and how many are left to collect... You can then also stick in simple side quests by NPC's or areas only accessible until you find a shrink ray gun or beansalk like beans. All this will compel gamers to replay and explore your worlds and get so much more from your games. I really hope for success for this game as I would love to see Double Fine reuse its engine and make more adventure game video games..who knows with Lucas Arts recent demise Day of the Tentacle 2 and Grim Fandango 2 could be a possibility? As for keeping financially afloat as a lover of Retro games (my channel http://www.youtube.com/thedrisk attempts to chart video games history) I think there are a wealth of games out there that I think would be relatively easy to create but be good little earners for you and well suited to the new world of gaming... Obviously you would need to adapt the games to be different enough to be original. But I think these games would mostly work very well with touch screens and I personally think would be good little money earners for whomever were to update them. 1. Pieces by Atlas on the SNES 2. Shufflepuck Cafe by Broderbund on the Amiga 3. Puzzli by Banpresto in the Arcades 4. Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure on the Gameboy 5. Jack the Nipper by Gremlin on he Spectrum. 6. Hexion by Konami in the Arcades 7. Antago by The Art of Dreams on the Amiga. 8. 180 by MAD on the Spectrum. 9. Why is there no decent Advance Wars clones on tablets? 10. Barcode Battler a handheld device released by Epoch in 1991... With most phones able to scan in bar codes now.. you could use this to create your own hero... so the modern equivalent would be skylander or Disney Infinity... and kids again can go frantically around scanning in household items to find barcodes that create the best hero. There is definitely huge scope with this one. Anyway all the best and keep up the good work
  14. Really looks gorgeous .. Loving the art style now, music was perfect, scenery was imaginative and intriguing. I Cant wait for this game.
  15. Hi Tomimt, Wings is arcade based but the atmosphere around the game (something which Cinemaware were best known for) really seems give you a sense sense of World War 1 unlike most games with a real feeling of progress of the war. Here is an Amiga longplay to give you an idea...
  16. Hi everyone I am long term gamer pretty much all my life who started on the Spectrum, moved onto the Amiga and ended up on PC. Although I played mates game consoles whenever I could. My first jump to actually owning a console (apart from the Gameboy) didn't come about until the Sega Saturn and N64. At which point I started buying up all the consoles and games I could, many of which I still own today. You may all be interested in my little project on You Tube... http://www.youtube.com/thedrisk In it I have attempted to tell the history of video games in relative detail and include all those machines that most documentaries miss out (because not big in the US). I would be the first to admit its not perfect, (I gain a bit more confidence after the first couple) it never the less gives something quite unique on the net I believe. I have got a bit lazy with the project of late and have let it lapse although I have reached up to PS2 era so most of my episodes are done and a lot is covered. One thing that may interest all of you lot here is my Episode 14 which is a bumper episode on the Amiga and Atari ST. Anyway would love your views and opinions... who knows it may get me going again and finish the damn thing LOL :) All the best and Happy Gaming Drisk
  17. :-) :-) Cinemaware has risen from the ashes... http://www.cinemaware.com and they are doing a remake of the classic game Wings... http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/850516062/wings-directors-cut/posts Anyway when I stumbled across it I thought would let everyone here know. Lets hope their next project is the game IT came from the Desert.
  18. I would love for the game to also be built for XBLA and PSN. I will of course play it on PC (personally wouldn't buy a tablet and playing an adventure on a tiny phone would be a bit tosh) ... As for the PC to be honest I tend to find playing games on the PC a little uncomfortable now-a-days. So my plea is this....Any chance the game would be offered for the consoles as well? I personally would love this.. Pretty Please?
  19. I have to say after watching this trailer I am very, VERY excited. It looks fab and I cant wait, being chock full of great visual style and some great puzzles to solve..Also being on the consoles is a big, big plus.. as to be honest sitting on the PC to play games now a days just doesn't do it for me anymore (Double Fine Adventure please take note and extend you planned rosta to include Xbox and PS3).
  20. Really enjoyed that and certainly would love to see some more of them on Monkey Island 1,2 (maybe with Ron Gilbert there as well) and Grim Fandango. Its so great to get a director commentary and gain insight on these games.
  21. Regarding the UI aspect of it. I like the inventory but agree that you will soon have to do a lot of scrolling as the icons are huge. But I do like the simplicity of the inventory to find items. One thing I have seen in other games like Mario and Luigi Partners in Time and Minish Cap that I think is good is how they made the inventory another character (Stuffwell & the Minish Cap) . The main reason why I think this is a good idea is because it will allow a constant companion to bounce dialogue off when stuck and so add to the humor. The best example of this in my opinion was in the game Comic Jumper by Twisted Pixel. That idea of two characters stuck together that hate each other was great.
  22. Sorry put this idea in the Art Update just.. but thought I should put it here as well... Tims design notebook left in the main game and it transports you in to the sub game ...A bit like Day of the Tentacle had Manic Mansion only of course a much shorter game. (perhaps where the woodcutter in it finds out hes only a practice design, when he thinks he is the main hero). Maybe have the world of Tim’s design notebook full of other adventure game never-was characters roaming around..Now that would be pretty cool, especially if we got to see old prototype artwork for Tim’s previous games come to life. maybe?) I think that would be so cool and with a lot of scope.
  23. seeing this update has got me excited over the game again... The backgrounds came across a lot more interesting and less dark than on the update 2 and of course the whole thing with the dialogue tree was fab and genuinely funny :-) ... The voice acting even as a test was good as well... I am glad to see in the initial description that the animations will be greatly improved (ideally hand animated?) and the character design of the hero will be changed as this is the only part which still feels weak in my opinion... I agree the highlighting objects would be good to switch off... Actually one idea for those that still like the woodcutter... It would be cool to have a mini game with him in...maybe have it where you find Tim's design notebook left in the main game and it transports you in to the sub game ...A bit like Day of the Tentacle had Manic Mansion only of course a much shorter game. (perhaps where the woodcutter in it finds out hes only a practice design, when he thinks he is the main hero). Maybe have the world of Tim's design notebook full of other adventure game never-was characters roaming around..Now that would be pretty cool, especially if we got to see old prototype artwork for Tim's previous games come to life.
  24. Ok I lied.. One more suggestion .... Possibly .... Have a world compelled to to sing ... think Nightmare before Christmas meets that weird musical episode of Buffy.
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