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  1. Sorry my last idea I promise guys and gals.... 1. Paradise Island ... has the babes the sand and sun the perfect island and pad... only to be then rescued away from it all. 2. Have your PC as the location... actually break out on your PC screen itself... I remember a little program with a kitten which actually ran across your actual open windows... could do that or even look at your files on your PC and somehow incorporate it as part of the level... maybe do it like Tron inside your PC but using bits of your own PC (or game console) as part of the background or character names ...etc
  2. just had another idea.... Have famous paintings were you can actually enter the painting itself and solve the mini world... of course each painting would be in the style of the actual painting... so much scope meet the Picasso scream, or Mona lisa ... or chill out in the lake of Monet or the weird world of Klimt and of course Salvador Dali ... maybe even meet the artists in the painting.. Leonardo getting frustrated with Mona Lisa...lots of scope for this idea in my opinion.
  3. There was an old UK comic book called Numskulls which had lots of different characters controlling different parts of the body. I have always thought that could have a lot of scope in a game.
  4. An 80's film Parody world... Not only the Action flicks (Schwarzenegger, Willis, Stallone etc), but some of the teen comedies like weird science and Ferris Buellers Day off, Pretty in Pink etc ... Of course Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Indy Jones....My word the 80's Rocked for films didn't it lol
  5. Oh another one would be Comic book zone.. not just super heroes but strips like Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes , Farside, Garfield, Hagaar etc It was done brilliantly in Comix Zone and also fantastically in Comic Jumper but there is still so much scope for this.
  6. For me the worlds would be.... Video Game World ... A Parody of 8bit / 16bit video games ..think Code Monkeys. Have lots of ideas of locations for this.... Prison - Meet Great Ganja (Giana) Sisters (couple of pot heads thrown in jail as part of the rebel alliance for trying to over through the evil N-Pire) Town Hall - Maybe have to get into a video game party stopped by a Bowser guard who wants to let you in (part of rebel alliance) but cant due to the N-Pire watching (Laiki parody the nintendo dude on a cloud with camera). Have lots of in jokes and maybe have things like a band stand in the park with random video game musicians coming on (either real or KD Lang Dog, Fire and Ice dog on Piano, Chuck Rock Rock band etc) have statues with famous people in the industry...maybe the whole part of the plot is they are being captured by N-Pire and turned into stone. Theater District (lots of scope for parody here i.e. Mamma Mia Poster (with Mario) etc) have music hall with a stand up comedian (Sweevos World maybe?) maybe do a monkey island exchange where if you want you can heckle the comedian in true Muppets Statler and Whardolf fashion.. with wrong selection gets a nice joke put down by the comedian. At Party (lots of famous vid game stars) Maybe have maybe a carpark with all classic video game cars (Outrun, Chase HQ, PowerDrift, Superhang on etc) maybe have scene where Outrun guy in bar and a bit of douche bag... as part of game you get him drunk so get the keys (taken by barman) and then ride off into sunset in the Outrun Ferrari with the girl...now that would be a cool way to end a scene lol. Having an Area 64 (parody of 51) with all the Alien space ships in games (space invaders, Asteroids, R-Type etc) would be cool maybe find a book of tactics to give to the space invader aliens. Old Persons Home (Old Aged Pixels) full of old and decrepid video game stars .. Pitfall Harry now deaf... The ball in Pong oh and the hero in A2600 Adventure..have him like a Noel Coward luvvie bemoaning how game stars cant do charector acting now lol. Have tons more ideas on this but I will shut up now ok other worlds would be.... Toon World - Think less Roger Rabbit but more the weird episode of Farscape where they walked into the Looney Tunes universe. Sci Fi Film Parodies - Bar similar but darker in tone to the one in Star Wars, Back to the Future and Ghostbuster parodies would be cool Also the idea of walking into the sets of one of your previous games.. maybe even wrangle meeting up with a few of the Characters of Day of the Tentacle or Grim Fandango would be sooooo cool.
  7. Here are my ideas for the game love to hear other peoples suggestions... Collectables: I always thought collecting things in and adventure game is a cool idea that allows re-playability or a side quest when stuck (Think Animal Crossing)... Maybe have a breakout area in the inventory ( The Collect-a-Ball TM) where you can wander around and see all the creatures / Fish / Paintings / music or whatever you have collected.. Make it like a sticker album in that its clear any not collected to entice you to collect them all. One direction adventure games have gone since is the Professor Layton route... how cool would it be to give a nod and have extra puzzle cards to solve as a collectable. Side Quests: Zelda Ocarina of Time did this very well with lots of mini games at the fair or collecting the chickens or golden spider tokens. This is great as when stuck on a puzzle it still gives you things to do when stuck. Keep the quip fighting: I as many loved the sword fighting in Monkey Island and it would be great to retain that somewhere in this game even as a side section. One idea would be have a comedy club where you can hear jokes and choose to Heckle if you want in true Muppet Statler and Wardolf fashion..this causes a back and forth from the comedian which if you get wrong the comedian does a great put down. Secrets: One thing I have always felt missing from adventure games is the secret discovery of Platform games as you get in Zelda or Mario. Obviously a secret area cant be fundamental to the progress of the quest.. but how cool would it be do solve a puzzle or click on something unexpected..or use an item in an unexpected way and find a hidden area.. Of course there needs to be an indication of how many secrets found and missed to have that Doom game feeling of where are they all. In Jokes and References: It would be fun to give a few nods to previous adventure games or games in general. Also the Discworld 2 humor of never forgetting you are in a game worked really well. Actually on a different note I have always thought an adventure game set in a video game world with game character parodies (think Roger Rabbit Toon Town) would be awesome.
  8. definitely 2D gets my vote... I personally adventure games felled forced into 3D was one of the reasons the Genre died.. I mean take Discworld 2 and Discworld Noir... both fantastic games but many (including myself) was turned off by the 3D visuals of the latter.
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