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  1. yeah, I was sad about some of the internet's reaction. I hope it's like Tim says and it's just a particularly nasty moment to be around games on the internet, and that people can be more open to projects like these in the future.
  2. They should be public but read only, like a sort of archive of the whole process, and any new discussion can take place in the regular forums.
  3. Nice finale. I just want to say I've had a good time with both the game and the documentary. Thank you for making wonderful things!
  4. I already said most of these things in the other thread Tim made about the doc., but whatevs. Things I'd like to see: A Digital/Steam release with a nice interface that included the Sidequests, concept art, alpha/beta versions of the games, and generally an extended version of the extra content found on the disc version (all disks could come with a code to access the digital version). More scenes that are explicitly about spoilery content, not just scenes that happen to have it in the background. Most of the other things I suggested you are already doing. Also I could do Spanish subtitles if you need them but I'm no pro
  5. Release the heck out of it. I think the ideal thing would be to have the main episodes on Vimeo for free, but then also have a "proper" release; I'm thinking something like the SUPER GAME JAM documentary, with a nice interface where the whole thing is well organized and easily accessible. If apart form the entire documentary and extras you could fit a bunch of concept art, Tim's notes, alpha/beta versions of the game etc that would make for a really nice package. It would be a shame for all the awesome work 2PP have done to be wasted by releasing it only for streaming on low quality. Go all the way!! Give this documentary the support it deserves. Not to diminish Broken Age, but the most common praise I've read of this Kickstarter campaign is "it was worth it for the documentary alone" . Also, although it means more editing work for 2PP, I'm sure many backers and players of Broken Age would appreciate a "spoiler" version of the documentary, I'm sure there''s lots of great footage that wasn't used because of that. Alternatively, there could just be an option to blurr/don't blurr spoilery images. Another cool re-edit would be an "abridged" version the length of a feature film. These might be too much work, I don't know, but I'm sure people would love to see them. Also don't release it without doing an epilogue/post-mortem a few months after release. Your Dev's Play series was great and I would love to see the whole team's impressions of the experience without the pressure of actually being in the meat of it. In short, YES PLEASE, and DO IT PROPERLY.
  6. I'm glad you guys are sticking with your plans of open development and stuff, I was afraid you would back out after some of the pr burns it has caused. Here's hoping you manage to prefect the process eventually, I find it really insightful.
  7. Another great episode, although at this point I can't help but feel that a quicker, more raw, more up to date kind of documentary would be more interesting to me. I guess it's too late to complain about that. Glad to hear you guys are on the right track anyway. Thanks for all your effort.
  8. Great to see a scheduling plan finally come together. I'll buy the game on January, but I'll wait until it's finished to play it. Props to all the guys at DF for keeping this project off of publisher's hands!
  9. Honestly, I think this is the best episode yet. It was just so evocative and real. Also, I couldn't be more hyped for the game (no pressure)
  10. I think this Episode is edited this way to show the depression that follows the end of preproduction and the getting into real videogame developement, but also (I hope) to make it contrast with the next episode, where hopefully the team will be on track and they will have figured something out. I mean, by the looks of it this footage is probably around a moth old, so I really hope the project hasn't failed/been reduced to a minigame since then and if it has, well, it was awesome to see it while it lasted. After all, this is probably one of the down sides of having boundry-less creativity like Tim's.
  11. Arthur, that game sounds pretty awesome, thanks for the info!
  12. No thank you, i want to play the game withouth stuff getting spoiled in advance. Let me repeat this again: It may be too soon to ask this, but when the game is out, will you guys be releasing... Either way, you aren't forced to watch it, I just think it would be more interesting to see the game's development while seeing more stuff about the game. I'm really looking forward to how they treat this in the following episodes now that they've entered the production phase.
  13. That doesn't imply causality, though. I think that a reasonable explanation is that the length of time a project is up for depends on the creator's confidence in its success. If a creator puts up a project for a long period that's probably because they think its chance for success is low and hope that the extra time will help (and it doesn't). That is so ovious! This guys are a joke, I mean the guys doing the research. If you have les confidence on it you'll give it more time, and lo confidence comes with a weak project. Moreover, inside or outside the kickstarter world, a project is defied by it's oun name PROJECT, so rarely they will get to make it on the estimate time if ever made. You guys need to get a real job! And you know what? You get paid afterwards! I'm pretty sure they have a real job, as they write for an established website.
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