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  1. Were you space-bar skipping all the dialogue and animations? Shay's world took up most of the time, with 20 sounding about right. A major gripe i have about the puzzles (especially in vela's world) is that obtaining items was all about either just speaking with the person and/or selecting the right option in the dialogue tree, without any real context of what the item will be used for in a puzzle context. I think some of the gripes people have with the puzzles being easy can be solved by having to get stuck, inspect say the sap from the tree, or making the tree vomit first, before being able to get the bucket.
  2. One thing I loved about some of the older Lucas arts games is how quick you can speed run through them, my favourite ones to do this with were DOTT and FT. Anyone else tried speed running this? What times did you get? Managed to get 27 minutes (screen shot attatched) Spoiler free, but people should recognise the save and the background clip
  3. What I loved about this story was that even though I played through Vela's story first, I did not make the connection between 'saving the creatures' and the Mog collecting the maidens. It really has blown my mind
  4. Its up guys, downloading on steam now. The way i managed to get it up is: >log into humble bundle (email is the same for kickstarter/doublefineforums/humble) >click claim past purchases >add broken age from that list >add steam key.
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