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  1. Not happy about that... backed the game to support it and get it early. As i wont pay twice (double fine?) for the result, i will end waiting for a 5$ android price. But of course you promised no android release for backers. I just thought, that those who support you before, should also get a good support later.
  2. Can we get some official statement to this question? I did not find any. I did not even start with Act1, as i was waiting for the android release -> play it on the tablet/couch.
  3. Treibholz

    Wii U Gamepad

    The Miiverse channel is btw. a good source to see how many peoply would be happy for the gamepad support, or wait for it before they buy it. There is much more response on the cave + wii u than here.
  4. Treibholz

    Wii U Gamepad

    I already bought the game on WiiU knowing that there is no support for it. But it would be very nice if you add it with an update!
  5. Hello, the video is not working for me. I tried it with opera, firefox and ie... and idea?
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