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  1. Seeing Tim using the knit plushies to act out complaining customers brought this scene to mind: LMxTFqPET5I
  2. Space Farms?

    "Six legs good, four legs bad!" - Orge Gorwell
  3. Post your Spacebases!

    Here's mine. It's the Kestrel from FTL. And yes, the pub is the Kestrel's medbay.
  4. Before I buy: All character art is placeholder, right?

    Also not too sure what the issue is, I love the sprites. Especially love the animations when they just hang out in the base, chatting or exercising.
  5. Episode 11: Ship It

    This has never actually happened for me. I can't speak for other non-Americans, but upon hearing an American accent I think straight away "that's an American." Given that the music achieves a mix of Scandinavia and Africa without being jarring, I would expect the same of the voice actors. This could well just be me though. It still feels like a loss of mystique for this fantastical setting to have loads of American voices inserted into it, but if other people see American as a sort of universal standard then I guess it would still make sense. I dunno, I'm South African and an American accent in any form of entertainment comes across as neutral to me - years and years of pop cultural dominance, I guess. Well, at least once they stopped doing dubs like "Die Man Van Staal"
  6. Episode 11: Ship It

    Naw, I believe this is both longer and better than Indie Game: The Movie.
  7. You're making the mistake of judging a thing superficially. Underneath what you see as "sci fi" and "dystopia" is actually multiple social commentaries on present-day society and politics. It's all the the guise of a futuristic setting, but the message is about today. It could have been done in a different setting, sure, but we picked this one, and it fits what we're trying to convey.
  8. In case you are not aware of this, getting one's point across does not need sarcasm over and over again, there also exists respect and 12345^67890 other options. So, you might want to grab one of those before they're gone.
  9. This is ours, The Maker's Eden. First person, comic book style sci-fi noir. And yes, it's the dreaded flexible funding where we're going to run away with all your money and buy booze. We talk more about that on the Igg page. Short version, nothing to worry about. http://igg.me/at/makerseden/x/2294040
  10. I also suggested: A Tale of Two It's a play on A Tale of Two Cities.
  11. TV interview with Tim Schafer from 1996

    I admire his patience. "What is it you are trying to do? Is it better graphics, better sound, better interface? What's the sort-of holy grail of gamers?" I died a little on the inside.
  12. Episode 3: Codename: Reds

    Don't mess with the Remo! www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&hl=en-GB&client=mv-google&v=Vh4Kx9IqIZw&nomobile=1
  13. First adventure game you ever played and why?

    The Hobbit, a text adventure by Melbourne House. Innit pretty?
  14. Why Are You A Backer?

    In the cold winter of 1992, I met a space hermit named Glockburger Pluckenbaum - not related to the Pluckenbaums of southern New Jersey. He handed me a magic trout, along with maintenance notes and some dental floss. The floss was either for me or the trout, I wasn't not too sure. Anyway... I kept it in a purple silk-covered box with my baseball cards and my ball of lucky lint for all these years. It was only a matter of time before the true purpose of the magic fish was revealed. Yea it was one night in November 2011 when it did spake unto me from within the purple box, all muffled-like till I opened it. It said: "I shall bestow unto ye great wealth, but first ye shall find me three things: I. Some dental floss II. A tube of KY jelly III. A new adventure game from Tim Schafer" Alas, my greed was not to be satisfied, since Tim was no longer in the adventure game business. So I put the trout back in the box, and pushed it under my bed all down-trodden-like for real. And then, well... you all know what happened then, and here I am.