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  1. The game itself was a huge draw. As far as the documentary goes, it's existence was motivation, not exclusivity. I would be fine even with a full public release. On the other hand, as others have suggested, making the HD and extras a paid package for those that want to go beyond YouTube vids is a good idea too.
  2. I prefer a 2 stage skip. Both Escape and Space could pause the cutscene. While paused a prompt shows that (from this point) Escape will skip the rest & Space will resume.
  3. For "Build your own" relics, equipment could acquire upgrade slots over time/use/kills/battles/generations or some other marker. Assuming there is a non-demon tech/magic tree, the player could choose what unlocked upgrades to apply as the weapon gained slots. This would also allow you to apply the latest & greatest results of your research to the newest slots. The flip-side is having the items gain semi-random enhancements based on the type of use they receive in combat, specific kills, the class of their wielder, etc. This approach not only improves the object, but engraves it with a unique history. Your post also reminded me of one of the many variations of leveled weapons that crop up in pen-and-paper RPGs. This Ancestral Weapon system was designed more to allow a lowly level 1 character to inherit from a brutish level 20 ancestor without breaking the game balance. When first used the inherited equipment would be ordinary, such as a plain sword. As experience was gained, the portions of the legendary attributes were unlocked. So that plain sword would grow with the character, becoming a +1, then +1 flaming, then +2 flaming, etc. That idea can't be directly applied to Massive Chalice, since an Ancestral Weapon may need to be a crutch to prop up an inexperienced fighter, but having equipment gain levels independent of the users could be applied in a way more fitting to the theme.
  4. In the chat they mentioned stylized renders and reduced detail level as a possible fog types. We have two layers, strategic & tactical, at which fog could occur. During their discussion I was picturing the tactical battle level and hadn't even considered the strategic layer. In addition to the two layers, I can think of at least 3 sight types: * Looking at it Now * Saw it previously * Haven't seen it yet Fog is often done with black or actual fog for "haven't seen it," a greyed no units area for "Saw it" and regular render for current sight lines. I'd love to see those conventions changed, or at least toyed with. The idea of stylized or reduced detail for a fog type reminds me of Lord of the Rings Online. The used 2d place holders for distant objects such as trees, then simple renders scaling up to full detail as you got closer. In the case of LotRO it served to increase visible distance while saving resources, but something similar could serve as a fog type. Another possibility would be a scaled blur filter. The further out from current sight one gets, the stronger the blur. De-saturation might also work as a fog effect. Maybe areas previously seen don't blur, but instead lose color on a similar scale. All of this was with the tactical perspective in mind. I like that you were working at the strategic view, it adds a number of factors to consider.
  5. I was just watching the latest team discussion video and they talked a fair bit about the Demons representing or being aspects of the ravages of time. There was also a mention of the demonic corruption causing accelerated decay of the effected areas. It struck me that with the demons embodying inevitable entropy, they become the polar opposite to the player's character, the Immortal King. Was the Immortal King's timelessness created out of prophetic anticipation of the demonic invasion? Perhaps it is the player's ageless status that has created the imbalance that allows the demons into the realm. If so was it sought after by a young king-to-be questing for power, or bestowed as a curse to open the way for the demons? I expect the completion of the Massive Chalice will be a way to end the invasion. Does it also end the King's immortality severing the link that draws in the Demons? The possibility of such a connection seems like an interesting idea to explore.
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