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  1. My packet found it's way to Northern Europe today! It's cool! Yay! How do I redeem the card? Thanks!
  2. Hi! Now that the whole game has come out and everyone has played it, would it be possible to finally see a picture of the start of page 3 from Tim's notebook, where he "basically has the idea for the entire game"? All private stuff omitted, of course. Please? If it's not too much trouble.
  3. Matt's devotion is truly inspiring! Thanks for the sidequest, this was definitely one of the top episodes.
  4. Hi DF & 2PP, Great episode, great documentary, great game, great adventure. Got my money's worth a thousandfold. Thank you, thank you.
  5. This is not a video game kickstarter, but as a Flight of the Conchords fan I thought I'll let you know that there is a Kickstarter project for releasing What We Do in the Shadows in America. Jemaine Clement from FOTC is one of the helmsmen of the project. As I said, I just thought I'd let you know, because nobody likes a good laugh more than the Double Fine Action Forumists do. Except perhaps their wives and some of their friends... oh yes and Captain Johnston. Come to think of it most people like a good laugh more than they do. But that's beside the point.
  6. I hope Tim is also a member of the DF brewing club just so he can name his product Timbeer I'll get my coat
  7. A hero on his deathbed: "My Son... mark my words: do Not pick Rebound at 4th tier... I never got to use it in battle. It is total waste of a skill point." On a more general level, it was super cool to see all the features coming in HOT at an increasing pace now that the game is in production. It shows how the systems programming is important in building strategy games, and how much time needs to go into the balancing and fine tuning after all the systems are actually implemented. Very enjoyable stream! Keep it up guys!
  8. https://twitter.com/leepetty/status/431254020485697536 https://twitter.com/vectorpoem/status/431267083008372736 Something is definitely getting revealed today.
  9. I'm also hugely excited about this year's Amnesia Fortnight! The format last year was near perfect: game topics voted by the public, option to back the project and pay for the prototypes, the daily streams and summary documentaries by 2PP. It must have been very taxing for 2PP to make a full documentary episode every day, so I wonder if they're willing to to it again this year - but maybe the new interns could be given a chance here to show their potential, much according to the Amnesia Fortnight spirit? I really look forward to ruining my productivity at work for two weeks!
  10. Au contraire, mon ami. Being independent decreases the incentive to make mass-market games. Having a publisher increases the incentive to make mass-market games. Is this not something we can all agree upon?
  11. The train wreck falling sequence editing cracked me up totally.
  12. Dear Tim, 2 Player Productions and everyone at DF, Downloading Act 1 now feels like mere mustard on the sausage, because I have received so much already. Documentaries, sidequests, Amnesia Fortnight, forums, Massive Chalice - nay, more than that, I have received an experience. FOR I HAVE SEEN HOW THE SAUSAGE GETS MADE. Adventure games are not dead. Thank you, Kebuster
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