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  1. OH sweet! Since we are sharing our art, here's some of mine: BLOG: http://jellyfishopera.blogspot.com/ PORTFOLIO: http://jellyfishopera.carbonmade.com/ Feel free to snoop around.
  2. Jellyfish Opera

    New Arts!

    I've been waiting to see some new work from you! These are great! I adore your style, Happy Birthday to Brutal Legend indeed.
  3. Threads don't die, they just go missing *Epic music begins to play*
  4. I really love these, they have such a unique feel to them in the way they are drawn. The text can be a tad hard to read thouh, but I suppose it adds to the idea.
  5. The lack of Mass Effect at E3 made me sad. Everything was pretty awesome though, I loved the new 360S. I know for fact I'm buying: *Halo: Reach *Dead Space 2 *Gears of War 3 *Portal 2 *Anything Double Fine related *Anything Mass Effect related.
  6. It's a hard choice between Brutal Legend and Psychonauts...but I have to go with Brutal Legend. It had that lasting effect on me.
  7. Gotta Love Lita, all those clevage shots made me smile.
  8. *sigh*....I should be ashamed of myself for how attractive I find those bloody things.
  9. Without a doubt Modern Warfare 2. I'm not so sure about Halo: Reach, I haven't heard any hype really about it. Little Big Planet 2 needs to start being hyped.
  10. Scott C's art would open a worm hole in an RPG setting.....god..my life would be near complete.
  11. I'm also the suck at Ironheade...but I don't suck at Tainted Coil. I don't suppose that anyone here on the Xbox wouldn't mind helping a fellow out? It's been a while (at least an ancient toe nail time) since I've played. If I recall correctly my level was like 20 or something.......I think. ANYWHO anyone want to show me how to make my tears useful and not just with a whip?
  12. Yes, there is a Warfather in the Tainted Coil picture pack. I don't know about a Rapture Elk though.
  13. WOOO I got Tainted Coil! Battle Nun all day long...or maybe the Druid. Tough Choice. All this latex sexyness is to much.
  14. hehe I think you nailed Doviculus and Lita's personality down in two simple drawings. I must tell, I love your style. It does Brutal Legend so much justice.
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