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  1. Excellent, I'll continue my playthrough then, thanks!!
  2. Hi everyone, a patch just appeared for Grim Fandango on iOS! "Stability fix on Year 3". If someone has a save close to the bug, can you check to see if the issue has been solved? Thanks!
  3. Any updates onthis? Was it patched, about to start the game on my iPad Pro and would like to avoid this issue, thanks!!
  4. Hey Spaff, Matt already confirmed us the existence of those previous efforts a long while ago, even before you joined DF if my timeline is correct I hope upon release you'll be able to share more information about that and why it was discarded, since it appeared he was happy with what Lucas sent you! Maybe Tim or Lee didn't approve the art style? I know you might be bound by confidentiality agreements but die hard fans are really interested in these pieces of history, like with the cancelled Sam and Max game to set another example! For us even a couple screenshots would be glorious! Thanks!
  5. At least he confirmed he received them and that he was happy with the content
  6. FWIW, I always felt that Grim was in good hands, and I'm sure that DoTT is too <3 Thanks Cheese Brandon was the team member who was the most obsessed with Grim, but I am playing that roll on DOTT:SE. I have played through the game few dozen times, and I am so honored to be responsible for this version. That is great to hear! I didn't know you were such a DOTT fan, this makes me more hopeful as you were happy with the assests you got from Singapore! Hopefully those are in good enough shape so you can use them as a foundation and free the budget to improve fix and polish it till it shines like it deserves!! (I understand you're working with limited budgets, that's why I'm so obsessed with the Singapore assets, as I hope they will allow DF to broaden the scope on this one compared to Grimm, which is great but could have been so much more, I mean, have you seen that video made In Unreal with a fully 3d made Department of Death?? And of course I also have morbid curiosity the canceled project, like with LucasArts Freelance Police ) My point is, I'll hope they'll help DF make this a remake instead of a Remaster! Even more off topic now, since you're friends and worked on both teams... When are you planning to get them all together so we can finally get the Double Fine / LucasArts / TellTale Games / Sony / Steve purcell's Freelance Police Special Unreleased Edition ???
  7. That's not really true. We just wanted to do DOTT next. ...meaning you do Full Throttle remake afterwards...? ;-) Regarding the assets from Singapore, this is what matthansen said to me on another thread: "All of that stuff is in there too. I have to be careful with being too open since it isn’t our license, but I will say that I am very happy with the stuff from Singapore so far." So at least they have those to work on if Tim likes them!! Matt seems to be happy with them!!
  8. How about those assets from Singapore? Was anything of it in the assets Lucas sent you? Thanks a lot for being so open about this!!
  9. Appreciate the response. Exciting. If they decide not to use the "almost done" version, hopefully they can at least provide some footage or screenshots on how it'd have looked like... really interested in how that version was...
  10. How is this different than them being "in bed with" Apple or Android or Steam and giving a part of their profits to them? Did they ever promise that they won't do any more ports? Don't bother, some people like being offended for a living and calling people with actual facts "blind"... That's the internet for you... He was blind to all the rational answers most of you already provided... Don't feed the trolls...
  11. Don't be sorry for long responses, what you're saying is interesting enough to hold the reader through your essay You have a very valid point regarding the use of objects on Shay's quest, I had not thought of it like that... but while I agree with you that verbs are not really necessary, I think they have removed too many options for player input anyway, and like I said, we could have learn much more about the characters and the world if we had a basic "Examine" option at least... The first part of the article regarding the SwordMaster was also really interesting, I remember playing that when I was really young and the sense of achievement I got when I finally won against her was amazing and I still remember it to this day (monochrome victory yeah)!
  12. Yes I really agree with this, and we lose a fair bit of exploration with such a limited action set, I really liked the game and the story, but that and the limited responses from the characters have made the world feel really limited and somehow "cheap", like I felt, "oh, there's only so much dialogue because they didn't have more money", or "the supporting characters don't amount to anything nor do anything nor change in any way because of the budget"... I guess a narrator was out of the question, but it would have helped a lot if you weren't able to have Elijah provide descriptions for everything... Ok those are just some thoughts, I think it's a good game but it could still be a much more satisfying experience if exploration was more rewarding and we could see more changes after the player's actions (like "ok now there's a way out of the cloud colony, why isn't anyone aware of that?")
  13. Interesting read: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/columns/extra-punctuation/10959-The-Magic-of-Old-Adventure-Games What does everyone think about this article? Agree / Disagree?
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