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  1. It sorta looks like any second now laser beams are going to shoot out of his eyes...is it just me?
  2. Lets see...I first heard of Psychonauts from one of my good friends.She kept bugging me about it, then i finally told her to lend me hers...I loved it and i didnt want to give it back.I found it very hard to pick up the game and hand it back to her VERY hard.I seriously didnt want to let go.
  3. How about some ice-cream with sprinkles on top...or whaterver you like on your ice-cream....its free...and within my budget
  4. some furries are cool....others scare me
  5. Yay..bring out the refreshments...wait does this place even have refreshments?
  6. Who said that!?!..oh no the voice in my head is back..
  7. WHOO...I didnt even notice me was on...strange huh
  8. u put a funny image in my head just now....HAAAAAAAAAA.....ha
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