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  1. I think it's a very good idea. I myself have very little time to play games and im sure that many of other backers share the same time shortage as i am. So if i get a big game all at once i would only play it for couple of days before i have to get back to other things in life. Returning to playing is always hard because you forget a lot of what happened. Slicing it in the middle is actually a very good solution for people like me (even better if you cut it in 4 parts and delivered one part every 3 months).
  2. Loved the sidequest. When i first played grim fandango i was like 13 and i hardly even understood the dialogs but kept on playing .
  3. Past ---- Egypt: see the pyramids getting build Austria: beat the crap out of young Hitler Berlin 1989 Present ------- HAMBURG: i live near Hamburg:):) Sausage factory nose picking therapy group tooth pick chewing convention House of mirrors Quantum physics world (where everything is possible) Zoo: monkies In a hostel in amsterdam: meet all the weed smoking, bad english speaking hippie tourists Movie set. Magician show Future: -------- Some technology convention 2102. anywhere, but scientology must be the biggest religion by then
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