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  1. So now that the game is launched, we can finally obsess about trading cards. Just got my first one and it's Grabbin' Gary. If you don't care about cards and want to make me happy, send them to me as an offer. I will also trade my doubles 1:1. Here is my trade link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=91504965&token=_dDgLucP
  2. If I remember correctly the Windows Firewall asked to connect to Google Analytics when you start the game. If it wasn't the Windows Firewall, then it stood somewhere else, because I knew about it without looking at the EULA. And for the record, automatically downloading the full game through steam as an update was just unneccesary so close before the release, because we'll probably have to download everything again and I just leave it installed to get the trading cards when they unlock. So what kind of sensitive information could Google Analytics gather from you? Your system specs? Your progress? If they had used another third party tool, which they wouldn't have to disclose (e.g. GameAnalytics), would you have complained as well or is it just Google that you don't like? Pretty much every website and a lot of mobile games have it running, I use it myself to optimize my webpage and I can't see how it could harm anyone.
  3. Oh noes, DF tracks us and creates a heatmap, so we all get a better game! Hide your kids, hide your wife! Seriously, I bet this stupid complaint is the reaseon that I have to download the whole game over Steam now again 2 days before the launch instead of a small patch like before, because in the changelog it says that you can turn it off now. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/323348/
  4. Pretty sure you made a mistake there, at least I hope so. ;-) To the thread starter, I'd keep the game installed until it officially launches, so you can get the trading cards. If you do not want them, you can sell them or make some trading card collectors like me happy by giving them away. :-)
  5. I want a Schafer mode, where every line of dialogue is replaced with "Schafer".
  6. Since the release is just one week away it'll be just minor bugfixes. For a list what has already changed since the beta release, check here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12325/
  7. Guys, Doublefine didn't create an engine, they used the MOAI engine, a free open source mobile gaming engine. I'm not saying they didn't write their own plugins and tools for it, but they didn't write a engine. And Daedelic doesn't use flash, they use the Visionaire engine: http://www.visionaire-studio.net/
  8. I don't think using walkthroughs is bad, it's part of the genre. My best times with adventures was when I played the Bestseller Games version, which was a magazine that had the walkthrough in it and the game on CD. Just 2 weeks ago I played through the Hector series and after a crash I lost an item. When I realized it was gone I checked a walkthrough, then the official forum and then I started from the beginning. If I hadn't checked the walkthrough I would've tried for hours and then given up on the whole series, which turned out to be great after I restarted.
  9. My problem with Shays part was that there was not enough meat in the exploration. Every puzzle except the navigation puzzle solved itself just by exploring. E.g. I solved the teleport puzzle without even trying just by exploring the ship for the first time. I broke the loop without trying, just because I wanted to jump with the train as it was shown in the trailer. Then there are nearly no dialogue trees in Shays scene. You can only talk to Mom, the card playing Yarn Pals, the hug pal, Marek and the navbot. Except Marek and Mom, the characters don't have long dialogue trees. There are aditional dialogues with Spoon and knife, but these are just one liners when you try to use them. It could be that both parts have roughly the same amount of lines, but only because of the cereal loop.
  10. Of course you can spend your money on any game that you want and if none of their games appeal to you that's perfectly fine. But saying that you choose not to play their games because you heard somewhere on the internet that they have a lot of interns, when pretty much every company has them is not a good argument. Seriously, your signature says you make games yourself, do you believe you can produce high quality software just with a bunch of interns? I really doubt that interns do the bulk of the work on their games.
  11. As I said I think Deponia is great and the closest thing to a "modern Monkey Island" as it gets without involvement from Tim Schafer or Ron Gilbert. Great art, great music, great characters and lots of humor. I don't want to speculate too much about Daedelic, because I don't know anyone that works there. Just because someone once said that they have a lot of interns is not enough reason to boycott them. All I wanted to say is that Doublefine (and any other game/movie/music company) also has interns and Marius is probably not the only one, but the one with the highest profile. Not supporting Daedelic on principle is just wrong, especially if you say you like adventures. They make great adventure games and will continue to do them if they can make a profit. They didn't criticize Doublefine openly, the quote about 11 games for 3 million was from the private facebook page and the post is long gone. I just saw it on the Telltale forum and it is a good reference on how much "game" 3 million can buy in the adventure space. I just mentioned them as an example, there are many game companies that do great adventure games with a way smaller budget and I just want to know how DF roughly used their budget. Did they in fact lay the foundation for further adventures or was the money spent just on producing the assets for Broken Age? How much did they actually tweak the Moai engine? Or did they have to spend a huge chunk on outsourcing animations to deliver the final product or was it just a little bit to finish on time? These are intersting questions to me and it would be great if they would be adressed in a future episode of the documentary. I don't need to know their business plan or exact sums on contract work, but I wonder why the game was so expensive compared to adventure games from other companies.
  12. Deponia did that for me, it had great graphics and some really great/hard puzzles.
  13. I watched every snippet of documentary and the only thing I remember was the bit about the ground reflections in the ship. The trailer on the other hand spoiled the breaking the loop riddle for me, because I wanted to jump with the train like in the trailer. I heard a lot of people liked "knife" as a character, but it's just an item with maybe 5 lines in the game, even though I admit they were good. The other seemingly popular character are the yarn pals. I didn't like them because they were just not that interesting, but I guess that's a matter of taste. The Vella part took me roughly 2-3 hours and the Shay part roughly 1. I did click on everything everywhere, but I broke the loop very fast, solved the headshrink puzzle by accident and every other puzzle without even trying. Maybe it has something to do in which order you play them. I started with Vella and was very nostalgic in the beginning. Maybe I would've liked the ship more if I started with it, but Vellas part with all the different characters and their dialogue tree would still be my favorite.
  14. Why would anyone who can read here download it from a torrent? This is a private forum and by that everyone here has an original copy.
  15. this. Well that's the point, you either have to be young enough to appreciate the fluffy graphics, or old enough that it doesn't bother you anymore and you can just appreciate the art. Just what I said here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/320410/
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