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  1. A little something I managed to break in my version. Had three Herod chilling on the couch getting their morale back up, and sent a fourth in. He waited to one side, and when I went to have him rest again after the others had left he proceeded to have a seat, about a foot (in game terms. On the screen, a visible gap) in front of the couch. Ever since then, every Hero does this. Apparently they invested in an invisible couch extension.
  2. As a Canadian who is just about to fly home from vacation, I have been frantically hoping it would drop before I slip away from the condos wifi. Alas to no avail. Perhaps it will be waiting for me after I leave these aunt shores of Maui and head back to the hopefully sunny shore of Vancouver. But I know this pain as a rabid consumer of kairosoft games, I am always Waiting and hoping at the start of a month for a new one.
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