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  1. The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain. This is a Vimeo Plus feature. :long:
  2. Now available in Canada

    If it's not out in your territory, it's because we want to localize the game in that language! SOON!! Why not release the game worldwide first, and then start working on localized versions(yes I want to play it that bad :coolgrin:)?
  3. Jump start on Justice?!?!?

    Any chance for an Android release?
  4. iPad and Airplay Integration

    While using a tablet as a controller is a fancy idea and all, I find it hard to imagine playing an adventure game on a couch.
  5. Open Source Redbot

    They already said that they intend to release the editor used for DFA for other Moai developers.
  6. Not an adventure game, but Dead State sounds pretty awesome(turn-based RPG in apocalyptic zombie setting). The creator is the lead writer and designer of Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines(Brian Mitsoda). So I'm really excited about this.
  7. Why does Tim have a photo of himself in his office? :roll:
  8. Ron Gilbert’s secret project [new details]

    Wait, it's a separate project from DFA that Ron is working on?
  9. Will 2HB be a stand-alone engine(or just used for Moai)?
  10. On the Subject of Puzzles

    Solving a puzzle with a walkthrough.
  11. Late to the party - can I still pledge?

    Report that in this thread:
  12. Become a DFA Slacker Backer!

    I registered the forums and backed DFA more than 24 hours ago but still can't see the super secret backer forums :
  13. Things you don't want to see in the DFA

    Keyboard-controlled movement.