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  1. ZERO At least I think so. I may have got over halfway through an old PS2 copy of Escape From Monkey Island. I've played the beginnings of a lot of adventure games. I fondly remember spending a few hours with Day of the Tentacle and GameFaqs a couple of years back. But that, for me, is the problem; I have a tiny attention span, and as soon as I hit a puzzle, I go straight to GameFaqs, or google. I'm not accustomed to this whole "mull over the puzzle in your head for three days before you finally think EUREKA!" thing. I suppose part of the reason for this is because I want to be in control of how I consume entertainment - I want to spend 3 hours playing Skyrim, I don't want to spend 1 hour playing Skyrim and a further 2 hours thinking about playing Skyrim. Like, I set aside those three hours to be entertained. With a book, I can read it until I put it down. With a game, I can carry on playing until I choose to stop. With an adventure game, I play for a while, then hit a wall - and I'm just so unaccustomed to that. If you're wondering why I'm here, I backed for the documentary. Tim Schafer is a funny man.
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