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  1. Yes, had that issue here too. Searched the whole level many times, until i found on the internet that it should work the way I thought it worked.
  2. I got it to work normally by exiting the game, then start it again and restart a new game. (i also did the savegame on another location then the previous). Wat did not work was: exiting game and restarting, continuing previous game.
  3. Yes,here's one having the same issue. Horrible bug indeed, just paid the money, and now my game stops! Have not found a workaround yet, will try the suggestions here.
  4. Wow, just bought this game on Xbox, after playing trial. But it just hangs there! I am at the waterfall, and when I jumped in, I got the message about paying. So I bought the game, but now when I jump into the waterfall, the camera doesn't follow the twins that jumped, and I can't switch anymore to another character. So the game is completely unplayable!! I saw that another user posted this earlier in this thread, but his suggestion of exiting the game and then restarting it didnt work. I don't really want to start over again, but will try that probably. I used the knight, the monk and the twins. The game is just totally not playable this way! Weird that such a showstopper gets through. Means Double Fine will have to release a costly patch for the Xbox version...
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