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    I just joined. Good job with the page by the way.
  2. - http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/31099 - http://www.gametrailers.com/video/double-fine-costume-quest/703657
  3. Well I guess you can say that every platform has its share of "hardcore gamer games." Also, no one here is fighting over console vs. PC.
  4. I'm just pointing out an interesting statistic on the page; I'm not trying to start a console vs. PC battle. Sorry if it seemed that way...
  5. http://i.imgur.com/Ea8M9.jpg Notice the big difference between Console and PC software sales.
  6. I imagine that Peter McConnell can produce some awesome Halloween themed music for the game. Something like a mix between Halloween Town and Bully music. I hope he's onboard for Costume Quest.
  7. I searched all over Google for the logo but I couldn't find any picture of it besides the one in the DF Shop. Maybe Double Fine can provide you with the cool logo.
  8. Laura from the DF Shop responded quickly and is sending me a Disc 3 right away. :-)
  9. "Get in my way and I'll cut your f$@&%#' head off with a dull blade."
  10. A good story is all I need, not some afterthought gameplay modes.
  11. "Yeah, I'm on the Double Fine Action Forums...what are you gonna do 'bout it?!"
  12. It can't hurt to email THQ to tell them that there are a lot of people who want Costume Quest to be brought to the PC. We can even email them a link to this thread! EDIT: I just sent them an email through their message form along with a link to this thread. - http://us.thq.com/us/pages/contact
  13. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition on Steam.
  14. I recently ordered a signed copy of Psychonauts for the PC and when it came I was so excited to finally play the legendary game (five years late). I proceeded to install the game on my laptop when I noticed that I was given TWO Disc 2s and NO Disc 3!!! -- @$%&! I already sent an email to the DF Store and hopefully I won't be charged extra for Disc 3. Oh well... You win some and you lose some, and I LOST. Tim Schafer is probably out to get me.
  15. Well have Tim tell THQ to take their heads out of the sand and smell reality. Bring the game to Steam! Take that, THQ!
  16. What if you play with the Xbox 360 controller for the PC? That's the only reason why it would "feel" better on a console.
  17. I'm ASSUMING the majority of Double Fine Production's game sales comes from North America, where consoles are viewed as superior to PC gaming machines, and where consoles make up the majority of gaming platforms. This would mean that Double Fine Productions focuses on consoles rather than PCs to make the most money. Again, I don't think Double Fine has enough time to port the game to PC for Steam, considering the several games that are currently in production at the office.
  18. Also, a computer is useful in so many ways that it amortizes itself. Everyone needs a computer. No one with a decent computer actually needs a console. Consoles basically are for kids without the knowledge to handle a computer. Cheap hardware, strong limitations, expensive software. No thanks. I completely agree. Consoles are money vacuums that take advantage of the ADD culture. No one wants to be bothered to learn HOW a gaming machine works, which is very similar to a console. Gaming PCs don't have to be expensive if you choose each component carefully and do research on it. When it comes down to the accessories and slightly more expensive games for consoles, it is about the same when compared to the gaming PC, which has almost unlimited uses and doesn't need a press conference to be updated and expanded. There is very little excuse for why consoles seem better than PCs. [i'm done starting fires...]
  19. PeaceShaker


    I already love the atmosphere of this game!
  20. I'd buy Costume Quest from Steam within a second. Please port it!
  21. Here's where everyone can BUY the Psychonauts music. My favorite is "The Meat Circus". - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/psychonauts-original-soundtrack/id299960311
  22. Does Psychonauts for the PC support the use of the PC XBox controller?
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