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  1. man that sucks would really love some tabs do you know where i could get an mp3 of the solos?
  2. i_eat_kiwi_birds


    i learned alot about conditioning my hair from those two headbangers lol
  3. isnt there already another thread about this its says that its fully upgraded so i assume it is from the start but im not gonna use it untill later in the game
  4. Try not to get trapped in the Zeno's paradox, or by the time when we will be playing Brütal Legend, you will be trapped in the hellish negative time netherworld, along with that ostrich, who could never outrun the turtle. or it could be the time warps on the forums
  5. hey i was the first to comment on that vid!! love how you cliped Chacaron by El Mudo in there great work!
  6. well i dont think most of us are commenting in a hateful way to this kid more like a hahaha his loss kind of way you get what im sayin?
  7. yeah thats a concern of mine to but i think the xbox version is always shown and talked about so much because they want to appeal to the majority of 360 gamers that will buy this game but i have faith he will play the PS3 version......right after hes done playing the xbox 360 version
  8. maybe they will have a recording up? also speaking of recordings w/e happened to the demo-thon recording?
  9. ya i was going to have ironheade as my choice of faction in MP but i think i will change to the drowning doom (i like their music) Ratgut was awesome!!!!
  10. well that was awesome kinda glad i missed part of the single player though wouldnt want it to be spoiled for me
  11. lol ive seen this vid before this kid is hilarious i dont think it could be real he is such a nerd! also he not only pokes at games but other youtubers also
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