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  1. The struggle is real. -Justin Bailey Great episode, as always. I like many others enjoy, besides seeing you guys happy, to also see the warts and all. Made me really want to place act2 though.
  2. My favourite was when the knife flew away and shouted like "Now I can cut the infinity of space!" or something to that effect.
  3. Thanks Tim and the whole Reds team. I am one hour in and I love it.
  4. Wow that side quest came as a great surprise because Anna was more in the background so far. But that made it even better! Best thing since the Peter Chan special! Oh wait that wasn't that long ago... PS Can I say that I really like Annas sense of style?
  5. In my opinion Curse of Monkey Island did this the best. It would just show you a few options that made sense combined with a default option. As far as I can remember.
  6. This idea is great. Also the whole concept of two different worlds reminds me(like many others) of Day Of The Tentacle, but instead of time the two protagonists are separated by space (or even realities!?). As the story goes along and the boy and the girl take matters into their own hands, these worlds could start to interact more and more with each other, until in the end the the collapse to one or at least have some connection, so the boy and the girl finally meet. Will they like each other? Or hate? And yes, this is rather fuzzy, but intentionally so. You know, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES! And Hi to you all btw.
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