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  1. Yup, what you did there is exactly what I'm talking about. Twisting words and ganging up on anyone pointing out obvious flaws, attacking them personally instead of responding to arguments. If anyone doesn't like anything, regardless how grounded the position might be (and I provided rock solid proof) - it is always pointed out that it is THEIR problem, and there's something WRONG with them. You of course know, that the point wasn't in Vimeo itself, but with needless degradation of quality of final episode, compared to others, and unnecessary ad in the beginning. Yet you choose to ignore that, to artificially diminish my position, and you ignored the fact, that if it wasn't for my posts - every slacker backer would only get public blurry version of final episode, as if they weren't backers at all. But don't worry. I am quite content with how it played out to everyone's benefit, and don't feel any need to return here in near future. So you can have all the last words you want, further twisting my position to seem more "right".
  2. ps. Did I say thanks to Paul? I did? Well, thanks yet again Paul
  3. There's lots of stuff people don't notice. Like for example, not many people said that music in Grim Fandango sounded BAD, yet Peter had, as you say, "fetishist obsession" with sound quality and chose to spend a whole lot of budget rerecording it for remaster, even though most of players wouldn't even notice that. And I don't think DF charged extra to hear those rerecordings. It's this attention to detail that marks great artists, and it's somewhat disappointing to see 2PP react almost mockingly to a desire to view their work at least the way we always could, without having to pay anything extra. -edit Levering_2pp, THANK YOU. Although I did already watch the gloriously blurry version, but all the more reasons to watch the epsiode one more time! Again, thanks.
  4. Right, and that's also exactly why the link was leaked, if you just used Vimeo like you always do it wouldn't have happened. Too bad about phasing out Vimeo.. Does it mean that final episode will never be available for slacker backers in proper quality at all? --- OANST, I think you missed an opportunity to do snarky response to the "worse quality" bit. Here, let me do it for you: "Ha! this peasant expected to have consistent quality of content and professional attitude from content creators! FOR 15 BUCKS no less! Gather round people, let's all laugh and have fun at his expense!" Did I do it right?
  5. Ummm... How is ginormous "BUY NOW" message for like half the screen in all caps not an ad? It's even longer than youtube ones, though of course has much better music Not something I would like to see as the beginning of a final installment of three year long journey every time I want to rewatch it... About quality - didn't we already do this whole youtube discussion sometime in the beginning?.. Youtube just makes videos soft, especially when viewed fullscreen, but its pretty obvious by blurred out hair and facial features even in a window: These are parts of actual 1:1 frames from vimeo and youtube versions of Epsiode 19, nothing has been done to either one except cropping. Can you guess which one's which? -edit- Oops, forum resized it, so it's less obvious now. A really 1:1 version is here - i.imgur.com/CiVJPgA.png Again, it's a relatively minor niggle, but why do that at all? You had all the worlkflow tested for Vimeo, its just 1 more video, seems like "you paid too long ago - now buy newer stuff" kind of thing.
  6. Don't think it really matters at all. Only DF fans will ever be interested in coming here, and vast majority of them backed the project. So yeah, make it public, won't hurt anyone, probably will bring like 10 new members or even 11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Readonly biz feels somewhat shifty, there was often a sort of distortion field going on around here, where everything was overly positive and anything critical, even thoughtful critical posts were immediately deemed as trolling - and now this state would freeze for all to see without any chance to set things straight.. But whatevs, again its not like anyone would want to specifically come here and work against the tide. ----- There is just 1 request - please leave one small part of the forum for us, that will be only ours for years to come. It won't be popular, and there is no actual NEED for it, but it also won't take any sort of resources from you, and I think it would be a nice touch and a small sign of respect towards backers, that would go a long way.
  7. Yeah, ditto to that. I'm a slacker backer, so no "SUPERHD documentary downloads" or whatever for me... I always just watched normal Vimeo videos, that were much better than the crappy youtube 720p, and without silly advertisements. Way to mess up the ending, 2PP
  8. Of those 15 points only one mentions Monkey Island specifically (storyline one), and one is actually saying that the game will be very different from MI. The rest are simply completely unrelated to IP. So if he would want to make an adventure game that is very different from Monkey Island, with full control and copyright, SCUMM rewrite, full voice, old school, etc. etc - he DOESN'T even NEED Disney's rights, he can just name it something else and continue with a new twist on the story or whatever. Even with full rights he would probably be better off using another names for game and characters, since MI is already an established universe that doesn't include his vision at all. The fact that he didn't make any proper adventure games for ages even when he had the chance (The Cave) tells very clearly that he doesn't want to make them anymore. Resurrecting old IP only for the sake of resurrection, when creator has moved on from the genre long ago, is hardly going to make MI justice, even if he rounds off the story and reveals the Secret or whatever... Edit: Oh, so he does in fact make an adventure game right now! I'm sure I read about it but completely forgot for some reason. Anyway, it's awesome that after so many years off he doesn't try to use old IP and I hope it would turn out even better than MI ever was.
  9. Okay, now that most episodes are online I can say with absolute certainty that I was a big stupid poopy head and Paul absolutely made the right call. It seems that trolls and naysayers don't have the patience to be mad long enough, and/or don't care enough to downvote Doublefine's videos, and comments moderation didn't do any harm. Good job!
  10. First of all, thank you for actually commenting on that. I personally saw numerous disappearing comments under DF videos, last example being Tim's beta announcement, but obviously couldn't provide any solid proof. Secondly, you describe exactly the type of behavior I hope you will drop, for DF's sake. So you delete criticism that is not valid and constructive. How about praise? Are comments "Yay I love you guys!" constructive? It was also said a lot of times before, and there is nothing useful in it. Yet you leave even the most nonsensical ones. Really, all you are doing is banning anyone you don't agree with, objective parameters like being constructive don't enter into it at all. I'm all for deleting suff like "GO F YOSELSFS Y MOFOS I KILL YO FAMLY" but no, not only messed up stuff gets deleted. I mean you might view them as insulting or rude, but I definitely saw properly worded criticism and opinions without any swear words and without anything directly insulting get removed as well, something that isn't deleted even here, on DF forums. For example, think about it honestly. Would you ban me on youtube if I posted this on YoutTube instead of forums, and you didn't know I was a backer? Because I saw comments that only mention moderation also get deleted. For that matter, look at metacritic user reviews. None of the negative ones say anything unique and they certainly can be viewed as disrespectful, so if you had the power you would delete those too, right? Another example, what kind of constrictive criticism could be expected after watching "Tim restores luxury car" episode? People will either be OK with it, or they won't, what's done is done and there is no way to say anything except voice an opinion. And any negative one could be interpreted as rude and disrespectful to Tim, as it would imply that instead of making Broken Age better he put backers money into this car. And you bet it will be mentioned. There is no way to react to that negatively and pass your filter for bans, so again we will see all Yays and Go Tim, while likes bar plummets. Now, if YouTube channel solely exists for DF employees to read - that's a great strategy (moral implications of censorship aside). But any discussions (even heated offtopic ones) actually increase view counts and popularity of your videos, via notifications of answers, and eventually bringing new people via youtube's similar videos promotion. Right now documentary is far from being popular, comment sections are half-empty, and any promotion will help. By banning people you only reduce popularity of your videos, and eventually - reduce DF profits. Furthermore, when people say negative or even hurtful things on Youtube - they are on YOUR turf. You can turn that situation in you favor with smart responses, adding additional goodwill to DF. Suddenly a troll gets respected and reveals himself as a human being, this happens all the time. But by deleting anything negative you force people to vent their increased frustration elsewhere, on forums, twitter, amongst friends, further hurting DoubleFine's image. And a really pissed off man can do a LOT of damage. This is not an immediate effect for sure, but only adds up to and exacerbates PR blunders DF had, instead of using the chance and fixing past problems. Anyway, whatever strategy you'll choose I wish you all good luck. I'm just tired of defending DF, and watching how from a universally loved developer it slowly becomes some sort of a joke everywhere except these forums is heartbreaking.
  11. One thing to disable comment section, but skewing public response in your favor is completely another. And no, they didn't delete just idiotic trolling, but anything critical. ps. Ok, I have yet to find any actual disappearing critical comment for the documentaries to be sure, but the whole "100% positive feedback" thing that's going on there once again - doesn't inspire much confidence, as there are quite a number of dislkes (which 2PP can't moderate).
  12. I'm all for releasing documentary, but please please lay off hardcore comments moderation on youtube. When you erase everything but the most glowing praise it doesn't make it look more friendly, instead showing some kind of creepy unison along the lines of a cult. People do have different opinions, and it's really wrong to silence those don't agree with, even if you have that power. And anyone who spent more than 15 minutes on youtube (meaning - absolutely everyone) pretty much grasped how comments sections work, no need to treat your audience like babies that can't possibly withstand reading anything remotely harsh or critical. These kinds of attempts to control other people's minds put you only in more trouble before, I hope you'll learn to just let it go. ps. One example of good comments handling is youtube channel Scam School - they don't remove anything, instead answering in short witty manner and with respect to every troll and idiot, quickly defusing situation and making themselves look even better - but not at the expense of others. I bet it takes a very talented person to consistently pull that off, but you could at least try..
  13. Keep massaging reality buddy I guess it takes a con artist mentality to interpret obviously honest people's actions as being con artists... Why? He is a backer just like you and me, and participation in backer forum was one of the rewards. He can say whatever he wants, he actually payed DF to be able to troll here
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