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  1. There is the Ignore link near each post. I heartily recommend it. Muzzy seems to be stuck on a loop.
  2. They spent all their moniez on Beerseeker class. They are wild and unruly bunch that goes on decades long pub crawls.
  3. As a programer. Please stay the fuck away from complex system like CO2, oxygen, etc. No. Just. No. This isn't a simulation. KISS (Keep it Simple. SIMPLE!). This is the future - they can turn hydrogen into everything. Let's not track individual element. It's better to have several dimensions to air block like breathable from 0-10 (0- means you can't breath), visible (0-means smoke prevents vision) and flammable from 0-10 (10 means any malfunctioning electronic device or flame source ignites that and all nearby >5 flammability cubes), than to have precise element tracking. If you have fire, it causes nearby breathability and visibility to drop. If you have a hole, the breathability drops to 0 but flammability also goes to 0. Plants grow best when there is ~4 breathability (optimal carbon content), etc. As for janitors - why not first add Robotic Janitor that looks like a Dalek and collects garbage, do small repairs and other droid like activities, but that get easily agitated into a murderous rampage (PURGE ALL HUMANS!!). On the flip side, they have almost no needs (hell you can even justify bad pathfinding for them). On the other side you could train humans to eventually become Super Space Janitor, which can repair any malfunction quickly but have crazy demands.
  4. @Darth. That seems a shame. Would Steam Workshop allow user mod to change the basic game? If DF guys are making it public allowing some mods to be easily integrated would be a huge boon to the SBDF-9. Hopefully restart the development. If there is no easy way to merge the mods upstream... It's gonna be really hard to justify it.
  5. The onus of proof is on the one making an extraordinary claim. You are making a claim that the game doesn't live up to Startopia. I am claiming that Startopia was both: A) Not their goal B) Not a goal they should aspire to. Your claim is the more extraordinary one. It's is essentially no different than me claiming: "But DF-9 isn't a Theme Park clone. I can't build amusement parks in it. I loved Theme Park." It's totally possible that Startopia is a great game, I own it but haven't gotten around to playing it. However from evidence presented they weren't going for it. And it might not be financially wise for them to pursue it.
  6. Creativity takes time and you can't really, schedule ideas. They come often at most unfortunate times. Brutal Legend pretty much shares the same fate as Psychonauts - they both were commercial flops and high critical acclaim, I think they at later point recouped their losses. Sometimes you need to break deadlines in order to make great games. That said cancelling DF-9 is probably a sound (and quite possibly late) business decision. From creative point it's a bad decision, but I think the guys at DF know better what mess they are in. I doubt it was an easy call to make. So what I'm thinking here? I really want the KS to succeed so that this whole episode of furor over DF passes. I think canceling DF-9 is a loss, but a minor one. I'd prefer they don't try to win a losing battle like DF-9 and lose a larger battles like Broken Age or Massive Chalice.
  7. Mucky Foot made several large misadventures. Urban Chaos was ok. Their project Startopia was a huge flop, so much that it was a black mark on their records. Then came Blade 2 - another flop, and then they died. Comparatively, DF-9 is not a major flop. I'm not sure what DF misadventures are you talking about? There is currently one misadventure and it's this game. Unless you count Tim on twitter which I believe is his own private thing and a subject of speculation. Broken Age could have been handled better, but I'm fairly certain we'll see the end of it.
  8. The smaller the sample, the higher the bias. If you went to daily sewing thread on sewing for grandmas, you could also come to conclusion that no one knows what Broken Age is, and that no one bought it. I don't think any game can live up to the games backers have in their mind.
  9. Hobbes is also extremely wrong. Most DF statements go along lines Dwarf Fortress, Prison Architect, Theme hospital in Space. I don't see Startopia occupying the same idea space as all of those. Speaking of Startopia wasn't that a game that despite high acclaim sold 110,000 copies? Which pushed the company to the brink only to be finished off couple of years later MuckyFoot closed 2003 (2 years after Startopia was released). I think letting DF-9 be handled by the community is definitely preferable to sinking whole DF with it.
  10. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forums. So can I suggest transparent Jelly people? Or possibly Jelly Bear skin/models for the fighters?
  11. Yarr, in my school they use to hang and quarter me. After they'd killed me, they danced on my grave and forced me to eat shards of glass. Luckily I was dead, so I felt nothing.
  12. It's not. That comment was written by an amateur programmer, most likely a student. Here is what your program would look if it was written by a non amateur.
  13. Space Janitors are an ancient and elusive breed. It's no wonder no one can find them.
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