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  1. "two" Implies they are two apart. Also, always loved a simple short name. Broken age feels a bit to descriptive to me, so of course my suggestion is the best and you will surely realize that... HAHA Also would look rad on art and merchandise.
  2. Freaking awesome episode! It gave a feel for how it is to actually make art for a game! About the visual style, I am really happy that Bagel took that confrontation, it is going to make or break the game. And that you are taking it into account shows real integrity for me. So yeah Bagel, go for it! I believe what you make will be better to produce in the timeframe available aswell.
  3. uh UH UH!!! I know!! A giant room filled with monkeys typing frantically. I am not sure, but I think I can spot the main title: "The Most Complete Compendium of Double Fine Locations Ever"
  4. Just a thought, would it be hard to make a digital equivalent to the physical note cards with scrumtious? A lcd TV with updated goals and whatever info was previously on cards. Placed wherever you had the board earlier. That might give you those benefits you felt you had, wout the need to glue and scissor it... This in response to Gabe Millers last post. Although, not sure I would have liked to have my goal progress be looking at me every time I pass it.. Imagine it could have a de-moralizing effect. But hey! If done right!
  5. Big fan of Neil Gaimans "neverwhere" Opposite london, a shadow version of the original. It's been done to death perhaps. But the concept is intriguing. You see this in "Coraline" too. You'r protagonists have each their own world, to represent how they view the world. Or not, doesn't need to have a reason. The worlds are in ways polar opposites, some things are possible in one, that are not in the other. So you can change between characters, and view the same area through the others eyes. This will give an incentive to replay or go back, and obviously makes the puzzle solving interesting. Interactions with side characters might be different too, some might be rude towards one, but cheery to the other. I should clarify, by "world" I mean that they occupy the same world, but that it looks different when playing the other character. Because we all see the world differently. A place where the atoms have slowed down so they are hardly moving! brrrrrrr
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