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  1. And all Shay's voice samples weren't pitched when you shrunk your head.
  2. I have to disagree with you on the controls. The way they are set up in Broken Age is intuitive. It takes time getting used to, but way less than with a right/left click system, and infinitely less then a verb-coin system.
  3. I had a few major glitches and several minor issues pop up during gameplay. First big issue happened when I crashed through Curtis' roof and inspected the stained glass window after picking a piece of it up. This caused a loud sine-wave to drown out all other sounds, and I had to exit to desktop to fix it. The second major bug was after I landed the finishing blow on Mothra. I had lured him to the right side of the screen before shooting him. This caused the death animation to bug out. Mothra's sprite was still on the right side, while the waves and effects happened in the middle of the screen. Throughout the game the characters had various layering issues popping up randomly, such as necks appearing on top of heads and legs on top of torsos.
  4. I think this sort of hinting thing would work pretty well utilizing the subtle way Wind Waker pointed out important objects. If the character is left idling, (s)he would start glancing at points of interest. It's subtle, and makes you feel smart when you figure it out. or really really frustrating.
  5. if the lumberjack is not in the game, I'm boycotting DFA
  6. I'd just want an easier way to read what the DF-peeps are saying about the process, and to quickly find responses without waging through several pages of of community questions and suggestions. So, perhaps a filter is more useful than a flat-out DF-forum.
  7. Definitely need a DF-only forum, or at least a way to filter out non-DF posts on threads. Maybe a little button on the OP?
  8. Not really DFA related in subject, but I was inspired by Nathan's work, and felt I should draw something similar. I've got my eyes on the lumberjack from art update 1, tho. Might draw something about him.
  9. Charming. Charming rather than downright funny.
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