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  1. Games aren't chocolate. They are an interactive medium. Among other things, this means we (as players) have the freedom not to click on some objects and not to choose some dialog options. That's part of the experience. An essential part, I must add. Not dealing with it well enough is a design flaw. (Besides, you're implying that we played the game "incorrectly", while you did it in some superior way. I assure you, I played many adventure games in a similar manner with excellent results.)
  2. Yes, I am one of the people who thought that Act I is way too easy. I want to elaborate on what that means, though, because it can be interpreted in a dozen different ways. I don't yearn for "you-should-have-guessed" solutions of Gabriel Knight, I'm not a fan of tying rubber inflatable ducks to a pair of pliers, and I loathe "logic puzzles". What I really want is something that would slow players down, force us to think about the inner logic of the environment, and encourage us to interact and experiment with items in various locations. And yes, I want the environment to support that kind of gameplay. Broken Age moves past us like a scenery seen from a window of a train. There is never a reason to stop, observe and analyze. Consequently, we rarely stay in a single location for very long. Among other things, this means game's art assets are really, really underutilized. For example, after opening the full soundtrack on BandCamp I realized that I barely heard half of certain songs. They switch between different screens* and we move between those screens far too often. (Also, the game doesn't seem to memorize the point where you left and just plays the from the beginning.) --- * - Speaking of which, what's the point of switching soundtracks between different adjacent rooms of the same structure? I think it detracts both from the moodiness of the location and makes enjoying the (excellent) music more difficult.
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