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  1. I could not be more excited for Broken Age! I'm a big Double Fine fan, and I absolutely adore Psychonauts. I've probably gifted it to at least five people at this point because I want to share the experience with everyone! I even bought an Xbox 360 controller for my game dev friend down in Anaheim so he could experience it to the fullest on his PC. He's a DF fan now! Brutal Legend was great fun too, but Psychonauts is a game that I still think about when I daydream at work. I'm glad the team is using a live orchestra, because I interned at a music studio in Santa Monica, and I produce music for pleasure on the side. It's really easy to tell when audio designers really give it their all by not just phoning it in with samples. All that hard work is really going to pay off in the end. There's just so much talent in one space, that I am inspired by everyone involved at DF. Even people who do the jobs with little recognition, there is great admiration in my heart for them. There's something really profound about the quote in this episode that likened the environment of Double Fine to an artisan's studio rather than a production line. I think that's what sets this project apart from everything else. Whenever I play Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, or any of the DF games, I get this wonderful feeling that the game isn't just something produced for profit but is a massive labor of love by everyone involved, and that keeps me coming back for more. Merry Christmas! Take some well-deserved rest with your families, and I'll see you all in the beta. PS: Tim, I stole your notebook idea about writing down game ideas. It's really therapeutic for me, so thank you.
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