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  1. Excellent, a new episode! I'm curious, would it be possible to know which backgrounds and animations where updated?
  2. I started my game choosing Shay first, and immediately recalled Tim mentioning on the documentary how the purpose of the "missions" sequence was to make you feel the need to break from the rutine. But it seemed to me that from the start the dialogue choices told me he was tired of the routine, I didn't felt it happening nor discovered it. The missions then became a chore because to me, I didn't need them to know Shay was in a routine and wanted out. Thinks like having the option to say "does it even matter?" on the food choices from the start, before I even played and replayed the missions IIRC. With Vella, I didn't get the feeling from the start that she wants to kill the monster, she little by little build up the need, desire and means to do so, which I as the player felt. Just saying that it should be the same with Shay. Maybe some different dialogue choices from Shay, starting from cheerful and slowly becoming desensitized would be better. There's some of that in already, but I think it needs more polish to make the player truly feel it. This might be just me, though. Maybe it's because of the documentary that I know this and had some predisposition, I wonder if someone from "outside" would feel the same way. Anyway, more [hopefully constructive] feedback to you!
  3. I agree to this. To me there were two issues in that battle that completely took me out of the experience: 1) As you said, the monster would not eat Vella, after I had failed literally 15 times before I found the solution. It just seemed weird to me that a big scary monster would follow me, grab me with it's tentacles and just... wait for something. 2) If I recall correctly, the guy controlling the laser said something about using the laser too much would meltdown the ship. Yet it never ran out of ammo. Yes, he does pause for a bit before you can shoot again, but still it felt like the game was allowing me to retry as much as I wanted, waiting for me to 'get it'. So for me, Vella should have a limited number of retries, either because she dies or the laser runs out juice. it just felt weird when I realized I could go make a sandwich while figuring out how to beat the monster, while the game would wait for me and continue to mast... I mean, play itself in the meantime. Vella is grabbed by the monster, she kicks the monster, she's back on the beach. Rinse and repeat. Note that while I did find act 1 short, easy and somewhat predictable, I loved the story and the experience anyway (the music, god-darn it, the music!). The game as it is now is a beautiful interactive story that I really enjoyed. I just hope with our feedback things like these could get addressed somehow before the release of act 2. I plan on playing both acts completely then, and would be great if things like this could be better when I do, though I know it might not be possible to change any major things by then, only bug fixes, but here's hoping!
  4. I'm from latin america (Dominican Republic), and I agree to this. No offense to people from spain, but to me the castilian spanish is distracting, somewhat similar to what happens when US people read shakespearean english, it just doesn't sound natural to me since we don't speak like that, and takes me out of the experience. And it probably works both ways, I guess people from Spain probably feel the same way about how we talk, they might feel like we butcher the original language (which we do, I guess ). I personally played the game in english, as I'm sufficiently fluent (I hope) in the language to understand it's nuances, and prefer to have the original meaning, which sometimes can't be translated directly (as any manga/anime fan would probably agree). But If I did play in spanish, it would feel weird for me to read "¿Cuánto tiempo habéis estado viviendo aquí?" instead of "¿Cuánto tiempo han estado viviendo aquí?". In fact that's one of the main reasons I play games in english even if there's a spanish option. TL, DR: I vote for having the option of both neutral and castilian spanish. It would make me want to play again just to see how it was translated. EDIT: After re-reading my post and seeing how it might be misunderstood, I'd like to stress that I'm in no way attempting to bash Spain, its language or its people, at all. Just mentioning how I personally feel about spanish translations in general, which is a feeling maybe others might share, and for those people the language option would make the game experience better.
  5. Good point, a different font will definitely help. But the text itself also needs to change. The current one just feels like placeholder/development text. I would've been more satisfied with a good old "To be continued..."
  6. Well, the issue is that is a loooooooong list that you may not realize you can skip without skipping the whole credit sequence. Could be a bigger issue for people who aren't even backers when the game is finally released. I do agree that easter eggs should come back, but I don't see this as one, it's more of a convenience to let you know you don't have to wait as much.
  7. For me, the issue was that I didn't realize you could control the scrolling of the backer credits, only realized it after several minutes of A-B names (Damn, there were a lot of A backers ). I think there should be some indication that you can in fact control the sequence.
  8. This might be nitpicking, but I think the text that appears at the end feels underwhelming after such a great ending sequence. I have no idea how to make it better, but to me seeing that text just sort of took me out, it felt as if the game was literally cut in half abruptly.
  9. I noticed something similar in the cloud colony (I think). Some of the dialogue options included asking for names I hadn't heard yet. I wish I had more details, but this is all from memory. But I do remember being a bit confused by seeing questions about things I hadn't triggered yet.
  10. When the two creatures are on the train screaming for Shay's help the first time you select that mission, one voice sounded louder (as if it was closer) and the other sounded significantly lower (as if it was farther), even though they are both side by side and should sound at the same volume. This using the built-in speakers on a Late 2011 13" Macbook Pro OS X Mavericks EDIT: AHH! I just realized I typed "older" instead of "louder" in the topic title . Topic corrected
  11. The animation looked ghost-like (think Johnny Cage's shadow kick in Mortal Kombat) when starting a New game, after Shay is picked up from the bed to the floor. Could be like that by design, but it looked like a graphical glitch to me. Playing full-screen on a late 2011 13" Macbook Pro
  12. I had flickering text as well, but in a different section, when Vella comments on the mailbox: “This guy hasn’t got mail in a while”. The text was flickering. Could be related to zooming while text is presented, as you said. Playing on full screen on a Late 2011 13" Macbook Pro OS X Mavericks
  13. Same thing just happened to me, skipping the horn blowing cut-scene crashed the game. Late 2011 13" Macbook Pro
  14. Same issue for me. It was somewhat difficult to make the mouth for the tree with the axe, cause it would make Vella to go back one screen. EDIT: I'm using the built-in trackpad from a late 2011 Macbook Pro
  15. Same issue for me. When the wolf says: “Use that vent”, the vent closeup looks distractingly blurry, though not sure if it's because I use a late 2011 Macbook Pro with just integrated graphics. By the other posts, it doesn't seem to be hardware related
  16. I was stuck on Monkey 2 for aaaages. The "monkey wrench" puzzle was tricky. The monkey wrench puzzle ruined that game for me. Afterwards, I didn't even want to guess what the answer was to subsequent puzzles. Could be because english is not my native language, and monkey wrench is such an odd word (IMHO), but the puzzle felt too obscure for me. I'm not sure that ANYBODY figured that puzzle out on the pun alone. Hints, trial and error or accident.Getting stuck on a puzzle in Monkey Island 2 isn't a good argument against a longer / more densely puzzled game. Ideally, the game would be long and dense without any inanely hard puzzles, so you'd never feel like you were breezing through the game, nor like you were hitting a wall. The majority of MI2's puzzles felt comfortable, like you were getting the most out of the game and there was always something to explore. Even if there was only one puzzle like that and all the others are "normal", the problem (for me) was that afterwards, whenever I got stuck in a puzzle I began to wonder if the solution was something like that, somewhat illogical (again, for me) compared to the rest of the game, damaging my experience with it. I was no longer just applying the game/puzzle "mechanics" I learned before, now I was also questioning what was it that the game creators intended for me to do. I had a similar issue with an early puzzle in Braid, which Jonathan Blow talks a bit about in In any event, I just posted this because the monkey wrench puzzle reference by the original commenter resonated with me, and should not necessarily be considered a comment on BA or having a longer gameplay based on difficulty. On that note, to me the best mix of length and difficulty was the original Portal. Disclaimer: I somewhat recently got into adventure games, with MI when the HD versions came out, so my experience with them was very limited at the time, though I've really enjoyed all adventure games I've played since.
  17. I was stuck on Monkey 2 for aaaages. The "monkey wrench" puzzle was tricky. The monkey wrench puzzle ruined that game for me. Afterwards, I didn't even want to guess what the answer was to subsequent puzzles. Could be because english is not my native language, and monkey wrench is such an odd word (IMHO), but the puzzle felt too obscure for me.
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